Monday, December 23, 2013


After having a blog post everyday in December I decided that today's post would be SIMPLE.  I am hosting Christmas for my family (not all my son who lives out-of-state and his family will not be with us...color me sad) and I am trying to get as many things as possible done ahead of time.  This little gingerbread cutie will be the center of the dessert table.
 This is it folks, a King Arthur gingerbread mix, some oil, an egg, some water (not shown) and the NordicWare gingerbread house pan. A word about King Arthur Flour products (BTW, I am NOT one of their minions) I love their products.  I always bake with their flour in fact I think that Wondra (talk about tools of the trade, gravy, perfect every time) is the only non-King Arthur flour I use.  I love their website and a couple of times a year, free shipping and just a week or two ago they had $3.98 shipping and I ordered a box of wonderfulness.  I don't know why more stores don't carry their mixes as this gingerbread mix is so good for bread and cookies, so superior to other boxed products. This really does make a good cake.
I will tell you that one box of mix does not fill up this cake pan but it is enough to make a cute house.  Using the Wilton Bake Easy, I let the cake cool a bit and then turned it over to the plate and let it finish cooling.  I put together some candies that I thought would work and ended up only using the gummy trees (my candy store had sold out of spearmint leaves) a couple of mini-candy canes and some of the jellies with sprinkles and a few reindeer corn. Then dusted with some powdered sugar and done.  I just mixed some powdered sugar with milk to make a stiff frosting that I put on the back (or bottom) of the candies to attach to the house. This is going into the freezer till Christmas Day. I will serve this with some real whipped cream and for my sweet grandson Heath, a cherry on top!

Gingerbread Mix, King Arthur Flour
Nordic Ware pan link, Amazon
Cake Plate, Pier One
Plate by Holiday Home
Candies, grocery store & specialty candy stores

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