Thursday, December 19, 2013


This cute little "Teddy Bear Toy Company" tree has very humble beginnings as you will see.

I went digging around in a box of old Christmas stuff that I no longer use and found this little tree in gold (odd, I don't remember having a "gold period" but I must have), then I rescued a bean can from the garbage (thoroughly washed with soap and dried) and had some excelsior that came in a gift box last week. If you are a reader of this blog you know I save this stuff whenever I get it in gifts. I pulled the little tree out of it's pot (did not throw the pot away you will probably see it in some future blog post).

Next I put a little hot glue on a cube of florist foam and let that dry in the can and then put in the little tree.  To give it stability I also put some dots of the hot glue around the top of the can and adhered some of the lower limbs.  I have had this cute teddy bear graphic long before there was a Google Images.  It is from a US toy company out of NYC that no longer exists and any trademark on the image is long expired.  When I did a search so I could tell you where to find I did find it but on an Australian sign website and they were sold out of this sign (just a detail). Anyway I was able to capture the image and bring into my draw program.  I printed out my images (I never do just one, will always fill a sheet so as to not waste the product) on a product called Crack n' peel.  Many companies make this product and this particular one is by Mactac and is kraft paper.  You can find it at any big paper store that sells to businesses. I have never had a problem finding it but you will have to buy a full ream. You could however, just print out your images on cardstock and glue them onto the tree/toothpicks. Or you could print them out on an 8/12 x 11 label.  I just did a search on Ebay and found the kraft  crack n' peel.  It was a little pricey but it lasts for a long time. When you print out the flags remember they will be going both ways so you will have to flip the image.  You do not have to  have a draw program to do this - if you have a PC just use Windows Paint to flip the image, the easiest way to do this.
 After printing out the graphics, cut them out and the back peels off and you have a label you can just adhere to the can.  The flags are attached to a toothpick and I cut another piece of the Crack n' peel for the back and they stick together and finish off the back. Just stick them into the tree. Next pull out some of the excelsior and roll it around between your palms, it will ball up and you can pull it a little and then stick it around the tree. You do not have to use the teddy bear, use any graphic you like.  I just like the bear, especially for Christmas.

I next added the ribbon.  I really fussed with this a little trying to find the right ribbon and finally decided that I liked the plaid. Since this project could not handle wide ribbon I just took some 2 1/2" ribbon and cut strips along each side, leaving the middle.  I used one of the wired sides to go around the can and the other to make the bow on the top.  Then I took the middle part, cut in strips and made little folded lengths, put a dot of hot glue on them and poked them into the tree. The only other thing I did was instead of a star I added a little gingerbread boy and a gingerbread heart.  You could add any little ornaments that you had on hand, buttons, etc.  No rules, no right or wrong. I liked this little guy and decided he belonged in my guest room sitting by one of my favorite Nancy Thomas prints.

Tree, they can be found at any craft store, etc.
Can, just save a tin can
Graphic, Google Teddy Bear Toy Company and click on graphics, page down and you will find this graphic
Crack n' peel, Commercial paper stores, Ebay
Link to full page label, 100 Universal Labels
Excelsior, craft stores
Small ornaments, craft stores
Ribbon, Domain Ribbon, Home Goods
Santa Print, Nancy Thomas

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  1. Very clever and fun! Tanks for sharing.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Thank you so much Sheila. This is so easy and so much fun to give. I sent the graphic to the wonderful Graphic's Fairy asking her to see if she could find and put on her site for all. If you have trouble finding it, let me know and I will post just the graphic for cut and paste. Hang in there with me after the first of the year you will be able to print out all my recipes and labels. Merry Christmas. j.