Sunday, December 29, 2013


This is one of those quick sewing (you could use iron on tape) projects with a rather elegant outcome.  I am doing a group of these as a gift for someone who likes to take wine as a gift so I am making an assortment of bags.

I started off with choosing what I wanted to say on the bag, choosing the fonts and colors and then printing a sheet on Avery #3271 light fabric transfer paper for ink jet printers. Make sure you flip your words because you will be ironing them on the fabric.  If you do not have a draw program, no problem, go into Windows Paint and flip the words. I will not use all of these on my project but I did not want to waste the rest of the label so I fit as many as I could on the sheet for use at a later time.
 I then selected my fabric - linen and an assortment of ribbons to coordinate with the color of the name, like the burgundy and black with the French font to go with Merci Beaucoup! Please note the pinking shears - if you use linen it frays so you will need to pink the edges.

 Cut out your bag 7.5 x 30", then press the fabric with a steam iron and turn the tops back about 1/4" press, then turn back again 1/4" to make a finished edge.
Next (after sewing the seam on both ends) mark approximately 4 1/2 " down for the ribbon (cut two lengths of ribbon 12"). Pin the ribbon inside on both sides (be careful to NOT sew on the ribbon) and sew the seam on both sides, pull the bag right side out and steam press again.  Once you have done this you can then TURN THE STEAM OFF and using the linen setting iron on your iron, iron on your saying - in this case "Cheers". Cut around the word(s) closely and press according to the instructions on the labels. Please note that the ribbon is long enough so that when I tie up the bag I bring the ribbon around to the back and cross and back to the front as this makes a much neater looking bag, then just tie your bow.

I like to keep these bags around and do not press the words until I am ready to use as not all wine bottles are created equal and what may be on the perfect spot on one bottle may be way too high on another.  Because I am making these for a gift I am ironing the words on them.

Linen fabric, Hobby Lobby (in the upholstery section) 
Ribbon, Hobby Lobby & Michael's
Label link, Avery #3271
Cheers Font, Exotc350, BD BT
Happy Holidays Font, Century751 SeBD BT
Thank You! Font, Embassy BT
Merci Beaucoup, French Script BT

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