Monday, December 2, 2013


Every year I do at least two trees and when I do my Radko tree I usually try and do it a little different each year.  This year I took my inspiration from Kristen's Creations and I really like the look, thank you Kristen.  It is so hard to get a good photograph of a lighted Christmas tree if you are not a professional photographer but I did my best.

 Here is what you will need - 4 rolls of mesh (this is for a narrow 8ft. artificial tree if your tree is different you will have to change the amounts) two rolls each of three designs of ribbon, approximately 25 red picks, 8 multicolored picks, star garland and a package of chenille pipe cleaners.
 The first thing to do is to make the bows.  I used 60" lengths for the bows around the tree and 120" for the bows on the top of the tree. The bows on the top are double bows, in other words you create the bow, then another and then using a pipe cleaner tie them together.  To make the bows just leave a tail and fold back and forth and then crimp the ribbon and tie off with the pipe cleaner, if the tails are not equal just trim one end.  When making the bows for the top you use more ribbon because you want long tails that  you will tuck into the tree.
 Next make the topper by gathering all of the multi-colored picks and several of the solid colored ones and then add clipped sections of the star garland, tie them together with a pipe cleaner to hold them firmly.  Since I have an artificial tree I just took the top section and added the ribbons and then the topper BEFORE putting it on the top of the tree.  That way I did not have to use a ladder and it was very easy to get it all straight.
Next add the mesh, just roll it out and attach to the tree, with the artificial tree you can bend a little (one without a light) branch every so often around the mesh to make it look like a bow. Now you can add the bows randomly around the tree. You do not have to attach them as they have the tail from the pipe cleaner and you can just push them into the tree. Then add the remainder of the picks and you are ready for ornaments.

 After the ornaments are added, just add your tree skirt and you are done.  Really this did not take me a long time.  I have to thank my dear DIL Lindy for being so sweet and so tall and helping put the ornaments on the very top for me.


Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Picks, Hobby Lobby
Chenille Pipe Cleaners, Michael's
Star Garland, craft store

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