Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Lanterns seem ubiquitous these days you see them everywhere. I found this one for $7 and thought I could put a topper on it and use it for a centerpiece for an upcoming Christmas dinner for the Steel Magnolias as I am doing two of their tables.
 Start with a lantern of your choice.  Mine came with a flame-less candle that also has a timer so you can turn it on once the table is set and not worry about it until dinner is over!
 Really a simple project as all you will need is some ribbon, pipe cleaners to attach the ribbon, a couple of picks for the main color and then I used two leaf picks and one pick with curlycue's plus some florist block and a good pair of wire cutters and that's all you will need.
I used two different plaid ribbons and just made two bows and attached the first with a pipe cleaner and then with the tail of the pipe cleaner attached the second ribbon.
  Add a piece of the florist block, I just pushed it down over the handle of the lantern.
 Next I took one of the picks apart (it was easy the individual items just pulled out), cut the curlycue's and the leafs off the stem so now I had all my components and I put the top together starting with the big pick that I did not take apart and just added the others making sure that it looked good from all sides as this is for a table centerpiece.  If  you are making one to sent on an entry table, etc. you don't have to be so careful about the back.  If you have a hole just make another bow (using the pipe cleaner) and tuck it into the spot that needs to be covered and you are done!

Lantern, Ross
Ribbon, Costco
Picks, Hobby Lobby
Chenille Pipe Cleaners, Michael's 
Wire cutters, hardware store

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