Monday, December 16, 2013


Really cute marshmallow & peppermint stir sticks for hot chocolate or any chocolate drink. Adorable on a hot chocolate bar or any area you  have set up for hot drinks.

This is all you will need - some marshmallows, peppermint sticks, white chocolate and whatever you would like to garnish with.  I used a combination of red sparkling sugar and crushed peppermint.

 Couple of notes - the marshmallows will dry out pretty fast so if you are not using them immediately either wrap with some plastic wrap or do what I did put them in little plastic bags and just tie off, don't make a bow, makes it easy to remove the ribbon and the plastic bag for use.  Also I found it helpful to use a Silpat mat to set them on to dry after dipping them in the white chocolate and adding the garnish on the bottom.


Melt some white chocolate (I used white chocolate chips) then working quickly, dip one end of the peppermint stick into the white chocolate and push into the center of the marshmallow. Continue until you have all the ones you want.  After they are set, melt some more white chocolate and dip them in whatever sugar/confection  you desire.  Let them dry on a Silpat mat or parchment paper.  Once dry you can either remove to a plate or put them in bags or wrap with plastic wrap.

Bob's soft peppermint sticks, $Store or Walmart
Ribbon, Michael's
Plastic bags, Wilton, Walmart
Crushed peppermint, specialty stores, online or crush your own
Specialty sugar, specialty stores, cake decorating store, Walmart
Plate by Holiday Home
Red Holiday House, Grandin Road
Recipe Source, Bridgey Widgey

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