Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 I have been waiting a little before featuring Lami-Labels because 1) A little pricy 2) You have to have a laminator 3) Can be hard to find.  However if you look back at some of my recent projects (the Chai Tea, the North Pole Cocoa) you will see just how wonderful these labels make your projects - they will elevate the ordinary to extraordinary.  I know I am gushing but this is one product that I never completely run out of because when I have one left I will go and purchase some more. In the photo below is a simple, easy to find 4" square box, available at most craft and party stores, they are flat and you just give them a push to open and make a box.  Also in the photo (hard to see) is the smaller size of the lami label - the size most like an 8 1/2x 11 sheet of paper and the size that will fit your standard 9" laminator.  All  you do is print your label, graphic, etc. lift up the sheet and insert your paper, run through the laminator and you now have a beautiful, professional looking label that will adhere to almost anything and you will have elevated your project to extraordinary. Please note that you can still make these projects using an Avery 8 1/2 x 11 full sheet label and the results will be fine it's just that they are so much better and more polished with the lamination.

What I am showing you here is how to elevate some simple items to something really unique and fun.  It is just one of those little boxes, some graphics that you print out and laminate, cut out the graphics and place on the four sides and the top, add a little ribbon on the top and in this case it is an invitation to be hand delivered so inside nestled in some sizzle is a cookie and the invitation.  A little effort maybe, but with a big payoff and smiles on the face of the recipient.


Laminator, Office Depot, Staples, etc.
Laminator Link, Swingline GBC Fusion 1000L 9-Inch Laminator, 5 Minute Warm-Up (1703072)
Lami-labels, FedEx (Kinkos), they will sell them to you or you can bring in your project and they will laminate.
Avery Labels, Office Depot, Staples, etc.
Link to Avery Labels, Avery® White Full-Sheet Labels for Inkjet Printers with  TrueBlock(TM) Technology, 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches, Pack of 25 (8165)Box, craft stores
Box Link, White Wedding Favor Candy Gift Boxes 4x4x4" 25 Boxes
Sizzle, craft and hobby stores (or recycle it like I do) 
Ribbon, Michael's 

Note:  If anyone would like a complete post on making the invitation just send me an email and I will put it on the calendar.  Also, another reason that I wanted to do this post is to try out my new laminator which I received for my recent birthday from my dear friend Jerri and the Steel Mags, thank you so much, it works great and as you know my old one was moaning and groaning and after 20 years on it's last legs. j.

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