Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I Pinned a canning jar with Twizzlers and decided to do one for my dear husband but also decided I could do a little better for him than the canning jar.  Still love the canning jar look but wanted something a little nicer for hubby. We are fortunate to have a Tai Pan Trading store in Boise and it is also an outlet for them.  I found this jar which was originally $14.97 for $3.74! Not much more than a tall canning jar.
Could not be more simple, a jar, some ribbon and some Twizzlers! I chose some beautiful red and white silk dupioni ribbon as I thought the elegance of the tall jar called for a special ribbon.
I just made a simple tag with a graphic I found on Google graphics (make sure that your graphic is NOT copyrighted or watermarked) and added my own verbiage. I tried the tag in a couple of places.
 Finally decided I liked it best at the top.

Twizzlers, where ever Hershey's products are sold
Paper, Susan Branch scrapbooking paper, Archiver's, online
Ribbon, Tai Pan Trading, I paid $7.48 on sale but I found it online at an Etsy seller Cottage Crafts online however it was $25.95!
Jar, Tai Pan Trading (Two stores in CA, stores in UT & one in ID)
Graphic, Google graphics
Font, Chalk hand lettering shaded dem, sz 32 & 16
Circle sz, 2.5x2.5
Graphics Program link, Corel Draw

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