Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Using everyday containers is a very easy way to put together a unique and special gift without spending a lot of money or time.  This little hostess gift is simply a $store mug, filled with chocolates and a candy cane, a little sizzle, tied with some cellophane (I always have several types on hand) and a pretty ribbon.
This cute jar with a spoon on the side may be used for many, many things. In this case it has hot chocolate mix and all I did was make a label for for the front and the top, add the hot chocolate mix (purchased) and a cute ribbon.  You could also fill this with BBQ rub, colored sugar, bath salts, only limited by your imagination  The lid has rubber on the bottom so it fits firmly on the jar.
  This jar looks like it is made of glass but it is actually plastic and once again all I did was make a label for the top and front, filled the jar with biscotti (purchased) then attached some bags of Christmas tea with a label.
 The tea label.
 This cute, inexpensive bottle can be used for home-made vinegars, any of the home made vodka drinks, etc. or in my case I used it to make yummy, very concentrated lemonade - make by using fresh lemon juice and simple sugar. Simple sugar is = part sugar and water.  Add the lemon juice (remember very concentrated) and give with a bottle of sparkling water, the two combine to make a very refreshing drink. Especially good if you have access to Meyer lemons.
 I found a label (Eiffel tower lemonade) made a waterslide decal and once filled with the concentrated lemonade makes a lovely gift.

Mug, $store
Jar with spoon, Hobby Lobby
Plastic jar, Walmart
Sizzle, Hobby Lobby
Lemonade bottle, Ikea
Striped ribbon, Costco
Cotton Ribbon, Mara Mi
Yellow Ribbon, Midori
Christmas Tea, Harney & Sons, link, Holiday Tea Blend, 20 Sachets in a tin by Harney & Sons

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