Tuesday, May 12, 2015


On Mother's Day we were invited for dinner at my son's house here in Eagle.  He was the chef and he did not want any of the mothers invited to do any work or bring anything (his mom, MIL, my DIL and DIL's grandmother).  Although extremely thoughtful I just could not arrive as a guest empty handed.  Then I remembered this yummy lemonade concentrate that I have given to my DIL before and she said she enjoyed so I thought this would make a nice hostess gift.
First things first.....I moseyed over to The Graphic's Fairy and found a lovely lemon graphic and a frame and using Corel Draw I created this label (it is a jpeg file feel free to copy and use).
Using a lami-label I laminated the label.....if you do not have access to the lami-labels and a laminator you have some other choices. You could just print the image out on a full page label (would look nice but not be protected) to protect the paper label you could use one of the full sheet sticky-back laminating products like Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets, print out your label and then carefully attach the clear sheet and then cut around the label and pull off the back and stick to your bottle/jar, or take your image to Kinko's (FedEx) and they could laminate it for you on a lami-label.
I love these types of bottles and try and keep a few around but any bottle or jar would work.  Next thing is to cut around the label and attach to the bottle.
 Tada...the label changes the bottle entirely don't you think? 
Next to the kitchen to make a simple syrup - equal parts sugar and water, bring to a boil and at that temperature the sugar will be dissolved and the mixture will go from cloudy to a clear syrup.
Because of the difference in sizes of lemons it is hard to be exact as to the number of lemons (approximately 10 lemons) but I make 2 cups sugar/water for the syrup and then squeeze two cups of fresh lemon juice.  Depending on how sweet the lemons are you probably will not need all the syrup - blend most of the syrup with the lemon juice and stir - then using a funnel pour into the bottle. After tasting if it is too tart add the rest of the syrup.  The liquid will be very concentrated - when serving you will add club soda or sparkling water to the concentrate and ice for a very refreshing drink.
Finished product!  If you have access to Meyer lemons I prefer them.  This makes a wonderfully refreshing drink and is a great hostess gift for the teetotaler as well as those who might like to imbibe now and then as I hear a splash of vodka makes a very nice drink on a hot summer day. To a glass of ice add some of the concentrate and then some of the sparkling water, a quick stir and  you have a very refreshing drink.
Ready to go - I always give a bottle of club soda or sparkling water with the lemonade concentrate.


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    1. Make some lemonade concentrate! Thank you Anonymous for your comment and thank you for stopping by! j.

  2. Where did you find the ribbon imprinted with Happy Mothers Day?? I cannot wait to make the lemonade concentrate!
    Thanks, Diane

    1. Deane the ribbon is from a florist supply place a long, long time ago and is made by Berwick. I did not put it in my resource area because I am sure it no longer available. Thank you for stopping by. j.

  3. Will this still work with plain (uncarbonated) water?

    1. Absolutely Jill - the sparkling water just makes the drink very refreshing on a hot day. Either way very good. Thank you for stopping by. j.