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Good morning or guess I should say "top of the 'mornin to ya."  As much as I love Valentine's Day (and I do, what's not to like about a day dedicated to love?) when I woke up this morning I knew it was time to put things away till next year.  My old St. Paddy's Day wreath was looking pretty sad so I had purchased a few supplies thinking it was time to make a new wreath.
 Basically what I gathered was a grapevine wreath (I was lucky to find one that had moss on the front, makes it oh so easy to fill with greenery because you don't have to worry about "holes" of the wreath showing.  I also have three (3) types of greenery, ivy, a broad leaf and leafy boxwood.  The first two are from the $ store but the boxwood which is the star of this wreath is good greenery from the craft store - the other two are for the background. I have several types of ribbon, (2) Balloon holders, a package of $ store foam shamrocks and I printed out some little circles of Irish sayings.  You will also need a glue gun, wire cutters and I used my laminator because this will be outside and I used a lami-label for the little circles.
Start by cutting the greenery off the stem and then because this is a grapevine for the most part (I needed hot glue with the boxwood) you can just stick the greenery into the wreath without glue.  Go down one side with the greenery facing out and do the opposite on the other side. After you have filled in the ivy and the broad leaf time to add the boxwood.
 I took out two plain and two glitter of the foam shamrocks and punched a hole in the top in order to have a place to thread either string or ribbon through to hang these.
I then picked out two of the circles, put them in a lami-label and laminated them - once you have done that you peel off the back and they will easily stick to the foam. Here is a link to my post on lami-labels. Link
 Almost ready to put the wreath together.  This is what the $ Store balloon holder looks like with the foil taken off (BTW I saw these at a craft store yesterday for $5, maybe a little fuller but not worth 5 x more money).  This is when you really need the wire cutters as this is thick wire.  Save the "hockey puck" bottom as it is a useful weight for all kinds of things like sewing, in the kitchen they are great when you have a cookie you need to flatten before baking - to use this "puck" for anything you will need to cover as it is crumbly and I have no idea what it is made from but in the kitchen you would cover it well and then you always put parchment paper over the cookie.  The other advantage to using the balloon hanger is that it has a wire circle to hang the balloon on and you use that same circle to attach your shamrocks.
 So here is the finished product after adding the balloon weight foil shamrocks to the top - have to use glue gun for these, then attach the shamrocks and then a green and white small checked gingham ribbon is what I chose. I then added the black checked for a little pizazz!  Sorry that the photo is so light but to my surprise when I stepped out onto my porch to place the wreath it was snowing so I had an awful lot of very white light to contend with, not the best for photography.  I hang a wreath on the side of the front door and change the item on the Black Arrow for each season.


Wreath, Local hobby store
Ribbon, Online seller, by large roll
Small Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Black & White Checked Ribbon LUV RIBBONS Fabric Ribbon by Creative Ideas, 1-1/2-Inch, Black Checkered, White
Balloon Hanger, Dollar Tree
Foam Shamrocks, Dollar Tree
Ivy & Flat Leaf greenery, Dollar Tree
Boxwood greenery, Hobby Lobby
Graphics, Link

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