Sunday, February 23, 2014


This Celtic knotwork design started out life a looking a little different than it does now.
 I was in my garage looking for something when I spied this black Celtic Knotwork cross in the box that I consider Purgatory - somewhere in-between I will keep because I know I will use someday and the Goodwill box. Somewhere in my pea brain when I spied this a little light bulb went off for a St. Paddy's Day craft.  At first I was thinking about just painting it green but then I decided that a good Irish plaid would be better.
 What you are looking at here are a full sheet label of the Irish-Scottish plaid that I found online - royalty free, actually I just copied a photo of fabric off of Ebay.  I first looked for patterns that were considered Irish and Irish-Scottish found the one I liked and brought it into my draw program and printed it out on a full sheet label.  I then scanned the cross in my scanner because that is all that would fit.
 Besides the label the only other things that I used were removable dbl sided tape, very sharp scissors and I added the little ceramic number to the front.  I just took the scan, cut it out, placed it on the plaid label with the removable tape (it will not tear the label) and cut out the cross, when I had cut it out what remained is this perfect fleur de lis which I did not throw away as I am sure I will find a place for this too since it matches the cross. Then it's pretty much like doing wallpaper, I peeled off the back of the cut-out part and placed on the cross and then took leftover paper, cut it out to cover the areas that I wanted to cover.  I ended up not having quite enough and had to print out one more sheet. Now that I have done this and it was so easy I'm thinking I might find some other projects to apply this simple technique. Hmmmm.
All done and it will be ready when I finish decorating for St. Paddy's Day.


Celtic knotwork cross, Hobby Lobby
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Scissors, tape, ceramic number, craft store

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