Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shhh bébé Sleep

I recently did a post with Valentine hearts with a little pocket on the back for gift cards for my grand-babies.  A niece saw the post and suggested it would be nice to have one scented with lavender that might just help lull her beautiful little girl to sleep.  I decided I was up for the challenge and only hope that I have met her expectations.
Just gathered the needed items, a paper heart pattern, some cotton ribbon, a little inkjet transfer paper, fiberfill, lavender essential oil, cardstock cut the for a little gift card, needle and thread, white felt and I liked using a little pink and white flannel.
 I just cut out the flannel and the felt at the same time, went into Corel Draw and wrote my letters to be ironed on and at the same time made a monogram for this sweet baby girl.  My first time making a monogram for someone with four names but I think it came out cute.  I just ironed the monogram onto a little scrap of the flannel and then using Pellon EZ-Steam II adhered the flannel to the cardstock, I had also printed out a little message inside.  Pin the tape to the heart and using your machine sew around the heart (back-tack at the point where you end and at the beginning) leave a little opening where you can put in the fiberfill.  After first putting in some fiberfill put in a few drops of the oil, add more fiberfill and do the same, not too much and make sure it is inside the fiberfill as you don't want the oil to leak out onto the fabric.  Next I took some of the flannel and cut strips for the bow and the loop.  Just pink the edges and sew the strips together right sides together.  You can sew the loop when you do the machine sewing and then when you sew the heart together after stuffing stitch on the little bow and  you are done.
 Next I took a cellophane bag, added a little white sizzle then the heart.  I tied off with some Midori pink ribbon, the note and then a cute pink ruffled trim. Ready for the mail!


More instructions, see post of 1/28/14 Valentin's Day DIY
Felt, Hobby Lobby
Pink Flannel, Hobby Lobby
Cotton ribbon, Ebay seller
Fiberfill, fabric store
Midori ribbon, online seller
Pink ruffled trim, Hobby Lobby
Inkjet Transfer Paper, Transfer Magic Ink Jet Transfer Paper, 14-Pack
Pellon EZ-Steam II,  Pellon EZ Steam II Lite 12"X9" Sheets 5/Pkg-White

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