Thursday, February 6, 2014


I saw these little cuties and said "I can do that."  Here it is and here is the truth. Easy, sort of, worth the effort, you betcha.  I will give you a few photos but will give  you the link to the site that has step-by step instructions.  Is mine perfect, no way!  It is however a gift for a dear friend and I want to get it in the mail.  I will also give you the link for the "scrabble tile" necklace.  The Etsy seller has all different ones and I think they are really cute for a little gift.
 You really only need a few items to make this tiny coin purse. Including big buttons to cover.  When finished you could put any small items like the necklace, earrings, some money, etc. I sent for some short zippers on Amazon and plan on making a couple of these to keep around for gifts and of course one for my granddaughter.
 If you can thread a needle and do the simplest of stitches you can do this as it is all by hand, no machine involved. I was most worried about sewing on the zipper but that part is really easy and went very fast.
 Here it is in a little cellophane bag tied with a silk ribbon, ready for the mail.


Link to full instructions: Macaron Coin Purse 
Etsy seller of the Scrabble tile jewelry: It's All About The Print

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