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And the winner is................As many of you who follow this blog know, I volunteer for Alzheimer's Idaho (local grassroots organization). I had plans on a couple of items I was going to donate for the upcoming Chili Cook Off event auction.  I then received a call requesting that I make a garland type award for the winner "with leaves and chili peppers." Not wanting to say "no" to my friend and after sleepless nights this is what I came up with. Here are the instructions:

1. Cut a length of garland - I just tied the ends firmly together with ribbon and then inserted a little hot glue to make sure it would stay tied.
2. Next I took red ribbon that had the look of an award (was sort of braided on the top) and sewed it to the yellow grosgrain ribbon.
3. Then loosely wrap the ribbon around the garland and tie it off at the ends, once again a little tack of hot glue to make sure it stays secure.
4. With hot glue at appropriate (= side by side) intervals hot glue peppers to the garland.
5. Make bows out of the red raffia and attach them with hot glue to the tops of the peppers to finish off the look.  
6. For the winner "ribbons," I used Corel Draw and created the image using the Alzheimer's Idaho logo, the Winner, and the Chili Cook Off circle.
7.Printed out on plain paper the circles and then using a lami-label laminated them and then cut them out with about 1" extra around the edge of the circle, remove the label back. Glued a metal circle (found in the jewelry section of craft store) onto the laminated front of the circle. Once dry trim to the edge of the metal & apply construction paper to the back of the label with hot glue to finish.
8. Using the yellow grosgrain ribbon tie three ribbons to the bottom of the garland and then using hot glue on the paper backs attach them to the ribbon. Cut a swallow tail on the ends of the ribbons and done!

For the auction simple project. Purchased ceramic frame, added the rooster graphic which I printed out on canvas and added a ribbon. Ribbon was made to look a little "aged" by using the side of a quick dry pen, just whisk it across the ribbon length-wise in long strokes. Add the ribbon with hot glue. Packaged the frame in a wooden crate but first I put some glue on the slats and laid down a layer of excelsior for a "chicken coop" look, wrapped in cellophane, tied with the same ribbon and added a tag stating that the print was on canvas and that the image was from an 1854 Poultry Book.

 Last item for the auction pretty straight forward - large basket with excelsior filled with Italian items, pastas, pasta sauce, big can of olive oil, biscotti, cheese grater, spaghetti bowl, bruchetta, olives, pasta cook book, etc.  Very heavy so had to be a substantial basket. Wrapped well in cellophane, added ribbons the color of the Italian flag and two tags with a graphic of the shape of Italy, one stating "Italian Basket" and the other with a list of all the contents.

Good luck to Alzheimer's Idaho with their upcoming fundraiser!


Basket, World Market
Cellophane, hobby & specialty stores and online, Ebay a good source
Excelsior, hobby and craft stores
Frame, Hobby Lobby
Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Raffia, Hobby Lobby
Rings, Hobby Lobby
Black & White Ribbon, online
Graphic, Graphic's Fairy
Draw Program, CorelDRAW Home and Student Suite X6 - 3 Users
Lami-label available at FexEx-Kinko's stores
Wooden Crate, Panibois

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