Saturday, January 11, 2014


Simple DIY candy jar for your valentine!
 Not much needed for this cute gift, tall canning jar, spray paint, ribbon and some cupid corn.  I also used just a snip of greenery and one little plastic heart and some glue.
 I just sprayed the seal and the ring and set them in my oven with the light on for an hour or so and then because this will not be used for canning, put a line of glue around the ring and attached the seal so that when you open they come off as one unit.  The little plastic heart is attached with a dot of glue that will dry clear.
 Next I created the little love note.


Ribbon, craft store
Cupid Corn, Tuesday Morning, they always carry this time of year
Canning jar, grocery, hardware stores and online
Greenery, Hobby Lobby
Paint, Hobby Lobby
Plastic heart, $store

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