Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The entry no longer looks bare after all the Christmas loveys are gone and put away for another year.  A group of old and new things. The lanterns are new and were both blog posts. The rag garland on the antique frame is new as I had a wooden garland but was afraid it would scrape on the sides of the antique mirror so I opted for the soft rag garland.  A little Anna Lee and my funky pine cone folk art doll on the ends with some old treasured pottery items (demitasse cups used as candle holders) in front and the love sign, all treasures from previous years. The framed valentine sentiment is a after Christmas $3 frame that had a plaid bow which I removed and added a red bow with little dots.
 The cachepot and the lamp are the two items that are always on the entry table.  I had no idea when I bought the cachepot for this table that I would love it so much as I just put in some branches and as the season changes so does the arrangement.

Same cachepot but at Christmas, a candle ring around the bottom, a pretty ribbon, preserved cedar and miscellaneous Christmas greenery.  So easy to make the season changes and with a good outcome or at least I always like the outcome.


Ribbon on Valentine cachepot, Winnard ribbon, Dupioni w/mini check
Rag Garland, Michael's (this year, use your coupon)
Anna Lee dolls, gift stores, Marshall's and online
Polka Dot Frame, Home Goods
Red Dot Ribbon, Hobby Lobby
Lanterns, see previous posts with all instructions
Cachepot, from a local garden store

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  1. Thank you for your nice comment. It's fun to change the table for the different seasons. j.