Friday, November 21, 2014


I never do two posts in one day but I was so taken by a posting on The Graphic's Fairy that I stopped what I was doing (getting ready to bake for my volunteer group) to make this jar and do this post.
 This is the message on the graphic - what a great teaching moment for the wee ones and what a great idea for a moment of reflection for the rest of us.
About as simple as it gets - I went to my jar stash and found this little cookie jar - wide enough mouth to put the 4x6 file cards inside.  Any jar will do.  I printed out the graphic (added a second turkey on the print out 'cause I love the turkey) then I used a lami-label.  You could print out on a full sheet label or cut it out and paste on the jar.
 I just used some plain 4x6 cards and tied up with a little red raffia.  I will add a little jar of pens/pencils on Turkey Day.
Decorate your jar or not - since I had added another turkey I just added a little red raffia - thought something organic would be best with this.  Ribbons, whatever  you want - all would be great.


Graphic, The Graphic's Fairy, Link
Jar, Walmart
Red Raffia, Michael's
File Cards, Staples

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  1. Welcome. One thing I will give thanks for is Anonymous.