Monday, November 17, 2014


As the season changes so does the vignette on my entry table. Getting ready for Thanksgiving.
The Graphic's Fairy had this great graphic that I thought would be simple to frame but thought that I would like it in more brown tones so I brought it into my draw program and changed the color.  I decided I like the other better so just used the original color (will put a link at the end).  Since I had gone to all the work to change the color I am posting this in case someone wants this color.

TO PRINT: If you have a draw program just copy and paste the sheet into your program. If you do not have a draw program an easy way to print out a sheet of these labels is to "right click" on the image and "save to your desktop", then "right click" on the file on the desktop and you get the option to "open in Picasa" (if you do not have Picasa it is free and an easy download) once in Picasa select the "print" option, then "full page", if it does not fit the page then select the" fit to page" option and it will print out perfectly.  If you are not using a lami-label then print it out on a full 8 1/2 x 11 full sheet label and then cut around the labels as you need them. I know this sounds complicated but it is really easy and once you have done it you will see it is that. Right click, save to desktop, right click, open in Picasa and print. Here is the link for Picasa: Link

Once I had my graphic framed it was just a matter of putting out some old Thanksgiving favorites and adding fall faux stems to the cache pot that lives on this table and a big glass vase.
 I felt like I needed one more thing so I pulled out a small (about 13" I think) grapevine wreath.  Love using them because they are so thick and sturdy that you do not have to glue your items, they will fit nicely in between the layers - that is if the wreath will be inside - outside definately need to glue.

This was simple - I just took a stem of fall foliage and cut off each individual item and then found some fall leaves on another stem and cut them off too.

Put them in place on the wreath and then added a ribbon to hang and it's done, ready to hang.

All done, ready to greet guests in the entry - sets the tone for the holiday at the entry!


Turkey Print, Nancy Thomas, link 
Frame for "Give Thanks," Pinnacle frame 8x10
"Give Thanks' graphic, The Graphic's Fairy, Link 
Faux fall foliage, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, craft stores
Wreath, Hobby Lobby

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  1. Thank you for your kind comment. j.

  2. Sweet setting. Do you have the link to Nancy Thomas's site?

  3. Thank you for your kind words Mam. You will find the link under "Resource" Nancy Thomas is the first item and at the end of the sentence click on the word "link" and you will be directed to her page. I have been a collector of her wonderful work for years and if you are ever in Yorktown, VA, her shop there is wonderful.

  4. It's so much fun to change out for the seasons isn't it? Very pretty and welcoming!

    1. It is Donna as I sit surrounded by snow and cold all I have to do is go into another part of my house and it's still FALL - the season that was VERY short here in Idaho this year. I am starting to work on my nod to your mantle and tree from last year and know that it will never be anywhere as great as yours but will be my version - if you don't see the post, you will know I flopped. LOL - Happy Thanksgiving. j.