Thursday, April 24, 2014


Lanterns have become so popular lately, quite ubiquitous - they are everywhere! All shapes, all sizes, colors and prices.  I saw one yesterday at a local store that was almost $100! I found this one (it is approximately 15") at my local super grocery store (Fred Meyer).  Located in their home decorating area these were 50% off on the day I purchased 
this one.
Once you have gathered your materials this goes together very, very fast.  I have no idea how much one of these decorated would cost but much, much more than if you do it yourself.  All you need will be the flowers/greenery, some oasis (the foam stuff that goes into flower arrangements that absorbs water) ribbon and some sticks.  My glue gun is in the photo but turns out I did not use the glue gun. The greenery I purchased was lilacs and lily of the valley and I just cut them off the stem (one of the most important things in my craft arsenal is a good pair of wire cutters).
The great thing about this lantern is that there was space under the little round handle to set the oasis inside - I cut the oasis a little larger than the opening so that once you push it in it is snug. Then just start adding the flowers - no need to glue because the stems are on a wire and it fits nicely into the oasis.
I next added the sticks (to balance the arrangements), the ribbon is added (add bows to front and back, to finish off the back).  Once I had added the ribbon I felt like it needed just a little greenery on the top so I found a leftover Easter flower and cut a couple of  jasmine flowers off and added to the top and we are done, just need to add the candle.

Use either wire or pipe cleaners for the ribbon so there is no  gluing. 
Here is the lantern on my entry table. Easter is all put away and when I was taking this photo it occurred to me that since nothing is glued onto the lantern that when Memorial Day and 4th of July arrive all I have to do is to pull the green gingham ribbon and put in red, white and blue and it will be just as cute for the holidays as it is for spring!


Flower pick of lily of the valley & lilac, Hobby Lobby
Fat round candle (not votive), Hobby Lobby
Jasmine flowers, Dollar Tree
Lantern, Fred Meyer (NW grocery chain)
Ribbon, wired checked green & white gingham, Michael's
Sticks, Home Goods

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  2. Thank you anonymous, this was fun, not a lot of work for a nice result!