Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I realize that I often say "easy-peasy" but in this case this really is very easy.  We recently put a bench on our front porch (the porch was looking a little barren without something)  a bench seemed a good solution.  I found a couple of outdoor pillows that I really liked but thought it needed a little something more (you know me me, always having a problem with enough....).  I had given myself an entire morning to do this an actually it came together in about an hour. A good part of that time was just getting everything together to start the project.
 My first idea was to make a stencil but making it easier on myself would use my Cricut machine and cut out the "D" on paper then transfer to stencil paper, cut the stencil and use paint for the "D." I remembered that I had some of the sticky back Cricut paper so I decided to see if just cutting out the "D" and attaching to the burlap with some extra glue would work - after all the pillow is going outside and vinyl would work?? You could also just purchase an alphabet stencil and use craft paint and make your initial.
Using Doodletype cartridge with shadow setting capital "D" size 5 on Cricut adhesive backed vinyl, cut out my initial.
Only other supplies needed will be a pillow and 1/2 yard of 45" wide burlap.  As you can see the fabric was only $1.49 and the pillow was $6.99 but I used the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon. Very reasonable craft to do.
No pattern is needed as the width of the fabric is perfect (if you use a 16" square pillow).  All you do is make an envelope. 

Set the pillow on the fabric and bring the two end pieces together and just by eyeballing the fabric cut off the extra that  you will not need. For my pillow it was about 8 1/2 inches. Since the edges of this open weave will fray just hem the two ends by turning the end over and tuck in the edge and sew along the edge, back-tack on the ends.
Once the ends have been sewn (I used black and zig-zagged so you can see the stitch) put the wrong sides together making sure that one side goes on top by a few inches (making the envelope) and sew the side seams (back-tack again) and the pillow is finished.
Just open it up and using a pencil or a bone folder poke out the corners, steam out the crease and you are ready to slip the pillow inside.

I had adhered the "D" (it is sticky backed but because it was going to be outside I added some adhesive to the back to make sure it would stay on the pillow).
Here it is on the porch - declaring someone who's name starts with "D" lives in this house.


Burlap, Hobby Lobby
Pillow insert, Hobby Lobby
Cricut Machine, Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine
Cricut Doodletype Cartridge, Doodletype Cricut Cartridge

Cricut Vinyl, Cricut Vinyl, Midnight
Alphabet stencil, Pro Art 5-Inch Painting Stencil Set, Letters and Numbers

Outdoor green pillows, Overstock

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  1. Your ability to do so many outstanding things is beyond imagination.

  2. Once again you are just too kind anonymous, thank you for your comment.