Saturday, April 19, 2014


One last item for the kiddos Easter baskets. Easy-peasy little chocolate nests with candy eggs.


2 cups chocolate chips (regular size bag is 2 cups)
2 tsp canola oil (or whatever oil you prefer)
10 oz of Chinese crispy noodles

Some eggs, whatever you like, these are the malt ball type eggs but you could use whatever you like, jelly beans, etc. Personal preference.

Place your chocolates in a microwavable bowl and add the oil and stir to coat the chips.  Using your microwave, high setting, put the bowl in and set for 30 seconds. Give it a stir after 30 seconds and keep putting it back in until melted.  I do not like it to get too hot so when there are still some un-melted chips I will pull it out and stir with a rubber spatula until all the chips are melted.

If your cupcake pan is non-stick just spray with non-stick spray, if it is not you will need to line the wells with foil and then spray the foil.

Once you chocolate has cooled a bit, toss in the Chinese noodles (I have seen recipes for this using pretzels but I'm thinking that the noodles would be easier to handle). Keep slowly turning the noodles in the chocolate with the rubber spatula and at first it will seem "this is not working" but just be patient and keep slowing turning and before you know it all the noodles will be covered and ready to put into the pan.

Using your hands put some of the noodle/chocolate mix into the pan and create a little well for the eggs.

Let this cool overnight or for a couple of hours in the fridge or freezer.

 You get a big bang for only (4) ingredients.

 You may use any size cupcake pan you like.  I think that these would be really cute place card holders if you used a regular size cupcake pan.  I used what is called a mini-pie tin which I use to bake Brookies.
This is what they look like ready for the fridge.  You will note that I held out a little container of chocolate.  This is to use for "glue" for the eggs and to put some chocolate on a nest if it does not come out easy and needs a little touch-up.
Here they are, cooled and ready for the eggs.  To get them out of the pan just run a knife (like a little butter knife) around the edges and they loosen and will pop out.
Here they are ready to be bagged in cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon.  One last tip - have on hand a new, inexpensive small paint brush to use to put a dab of chocolate on the bottom of the eggs and to paint any noodles in an area where they have broken off showing the noodle color.  Because it is food, I toss the paint brush.



Adapted from Joy of Baking
Crispy Noodles, chocolate, oil and eggs, Grocery store

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