Friday, April 11, 2014


Since my children married and moved to different states it has always been my habit to send a little something prior to the holidays, just for them.  I now am fortunate to live in the same town as one of my sons and his family so I am going to deliver this little Easter centerpiece today. I mailed a rather elegant bunny to Missouri a little while ago.  I showed this bunny rack to my DIL and asked her if she just wanted the revolving bunny carousel to use when coloring eggs or would she prefer to have it decorated as a centerpiece/decoration.  She opted for the latter. This particular stand came from Tuesday Morning but I have seen egg stands at the $ stores and at all the craft stores, they are readily available this time of year.
 I gathered an assortment of plastic eggs.  I had the ones in the middle in my stash but purchased the other two bags.  The ones I had were decorative and the others are the kind you can open to put a treat inside.  If you want to do this and are able to find the decorative kind do so - you will see why later.
 Fiddle with the eggs and get them the way you think looks best in the stand.  In order for this to be stable (in other words to not have the eggs coming out all the time) you will need to hot glue them to the stand.  It was much easier to do the decorative eggs as all you had to do is to put a little dot of glue on each side of the egg holder (keep some craft tweezers on hand to pull away any glue strands that may linger).  For the ones that come apart put a dot of glue inside each egg and close to glue together and then glue the stand and insert these eggs.
It looked pretty cute with just the eggs but I can never leave well enough alone so I got out a couple of different kinds of pink ribbon and some pink sizzle. To make a bow using sizzle just grab a little handful and pull to make a length to tie some ribbon around.  I next tied the two different types of ribbon to the sizzle and glued to a leftover egg with a bamboo stick (from my wreath project) and then glued to one side of the carousel.

If this is going to be used so that both sides are visible you will need to make another sizzle/ribbon again and glue to the back.
 Now with both sides covered the appearance is that of a finished project.

 I added a cute pink edged plate and then some sizzle to finish off the look.
 Some sweet dotted Swiss cellophane tied up with both of the ribbon types and this is ready for delivery!


White plate with pink trim, Newcor
Egg tree, Tuesday Morning
Pink sizzle, Dollar Tree
Refillable eggs, Walmart
Ribbon, Michael's
Dotted Swiss Cellophane, floral supply store, Ebay

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  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you anonymous, I hope that it makes the recipients happy-happy :)