Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Guest Post
On my last post I showed a photo of Spiced Rum Vanilla which was made by my oldest son and his wife and I mentioned that I would be doing a guest post so  here it is! They made three different kinds of homemade vanilla extract.
  This is the one that I featured on the post and I used it in vanilla bean ice cream for the added flavor of the spiced rum and it was very good. 
I asked my son for instructions, font, etc. for the post and this is what I received:

"1.      Slice about 20 vanilla beans length wise, and place in 1 quart canning jar (clear is best, to watch the color transformation).
2.      Add liquid of choice (whiskey, rum, spiced rum or vodka) and ensure beans are covered.
3.      Attach lid to jar.
4.      Place jar(s) in cool, dry place.
5.      Gently shake jar once per week.
6.      Pour vanilla extract into small jars after roughly 3 months. Have Lindy make labels and attach – otherwise it is duct tape and sharpie!

It really couldn’t get much easier"
I am particularly fond of his label instructions.  I just moseyed over to The Graphics Fairy  and quickly found vintage labels that would work wonderfully for this label.

 The second flavor is Whiskey Vanilla. The first use that comes to mind using this vanilla would be to flavor the sauce for bread pudding with whiskey sauce with this vanilla.  I also think it would be great in any of the fall breads like pumpkin or zucchini and how about putting it into carrot cake?  All sounds good to me.

  The third and final flavor is Vodka.  I'm thinking this would be good in cocktails and just about everything else because since the vodka does not have as distinctive a flavor as the rum and the whiskey that this one could be used in any recipe that called for vanilla.

I also think that these would be just wonderful hostess gifts in a little cellophane bag tied up with a pretty ribbon and would also be great stocking stuffers at Christmas.

I also need to add cooks notes from my son that I received on a second email:

"We’ve been experimenting with both hooch and types of vanilla beans (Madagascar, Mexico and Tahiti). I think freshness of the beans matters the most. Where they are grown seems to matter less than their age and how they were stored. I suspect temperature and humidity has something to do with it. We’ve found several sources on line and it is way less expensive to purchase the beans in bulk.

Not sure, but I may try for a second batch using the same beans. Take out the extract and immediately add more hooch. I have 5 or 6 bottles going right now, might just double the beans for the 2nd soaking. We’ll see.

We like all 3 flavors. We have also been using good hooch. If I’d drink it, I’ll use it to make the extract, is pretty much the motto."

I will keep you updated on using the beans a second time.


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  1. Most interesting, looks delicious, and will add spice to life.

  2. Anonymous - doesn't everyone need a little spice in their life???