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Easy to do and you decide on the tape style and color!

Only four items needed to do this craft - Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, Washi tape, silver hair pins and sharp, small, sharp scissors. Washi tape is Japanese masking tape and is available everywhere and if you have not used it is is very much like very thin painters tape and it comes in a zillion different colors and designs and may be used for a zillion different things as I like to say, only limited by your imagination. There are so many craft ideas out there for Washi tape, I have seen covered lamp shades, book covers, covered knobs, if the Washi will stick you can cover or use.  Several Etsy sellers sell in bulk with several different designs. All craft stores carry Washi tape.
I wanted to make these hair pins for my granddaughter so I chose colors I thought she might like. Red, pink, black and animal print.  All you do is clip the hair pin to a piece of cardboard (I used the cardboard that was in the hair pin packaging) and then cut a strip of Washi tape and try and make it just a little thinner then the width of the pin so that the Mod Podge will adhere, cut the two ends to fit.
 Next you apply the Mod Podge and let it dry for three hours or more.  Any excess may be trimmed with cuticle scissors or the small scissors that you have used to cut the Washi tape. I have not used this particular Mod Podge product before and think there must be many interesting uses for this product.
 Finished product!  Lesson learned from first use of this product - be more careful about applying the Mod Podge as where it pooled it is difficult to get the paper off of the clip.  These were fun and easy and now I have used a new product! Next time I make these (and I will) I will clip them to a mat that I have that nothing sticks to - I use it when I am using hot glue, etc.


Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Plaid Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Glue
or craft stores
Washi tape, craft and specialty stores, online
Ready to decorate bobby pins Bobby Pins 6/Pkg-Black Ready To Decorate
or craft stores
Source for this craft Crafts Unleashed
Non-stick mat alt="" style="bordPlaid Mod Podge 16289 Silicone Craft Mat

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