Tuesday, November 26, 2013


These little jar lids that are the standard size for canning jars (not wide mouth) are a great thing to keep around for a myriad of uses.....Potpourri, candles, drinks, etc. Only limited by your craft imagination. They will also fit standard size other jars so are great for recycling those jars we all keep.
Here is all you will need to make a cute jar of potpourri for a quick gift, some old (or new) potpourri, coordinating ribbon, coordinating pipe cleaner and whatever add-on you prefer, in my case I had picked up some little pine cones on a recent trip to Oregon and thought it would look cute on this jar.
Finished product! Did not take more than ten minutes to put this together.

The lids have a hole cut into the center so they can also be used for drinks.  I did one here by just inserting a cute straw, then adding a little name tag with the name of the birthday girl and the name of the friend & a cute graphic and then added a little bakers twine to attach.  

Here is a quick recipe for party punch for kids:
1 lg. can lemonade concentrate, frozen
1 lg. can frozen apple juice concentrate
1 lg. can frozen orange juice concentrate
2 liter bottles of Ginger Ale

Here is a little something for the adults - for a Mojito and the recipe is on the tag!
You can also use these for candles, especially cute with the little jars.  All I did was spray paint the lid red, add a ribbon, a votive candle and a little festive add-on and you have a cute candle. 

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