Sunday, November 3, 2013


All the Halloween is put away, cold November nights are here and so on this lazy Sunday I was ready to decorate my entry table for Thanksgiving.

On a recent visit to the Midwest to see our son and his family the lovely pumpkin was gifted to us (weren't we lucky?).  Never one to leave well enough alone I decorated it for Halloween and then this morning took it apart and redid it for fall/Thanksgiving.

List of items you will need:

1. I bought (4) different flower stems from the craft store and cut off a few of the flowers, leaves, etc.

2. Good wire cutters to cut the flowers/stems

3. Ribbon of your choice

4. Chenille pipe cleaners to wrap around a pencil for the curlicues

5. A piece of cardboard, any thick paper that you can slice a hole in to put on the top to have a place to glue the flowers/leaves to with a glue gun

6. Glue gun, glue

7. Flameless Candle

Using your glue gun adhere the flowers, leaves and curly curlicues, make a bow and using one of the pipe cleaners wrap around the bow so you can then affix to the top of the pumpkin.

Add your candle and you are done!

I took the leftover stems and put them to the cachepot (see first photo) added one other stem and some pruning clippings and because they are the same stems they are coordinated!


Wire pumpkin, gift and craft stores
Ribbon, D. Stevens taffeta plaid brown & black
Flameless candle, Michael's
Flower stems, Hobby Lobby
Chenille pipe cleaners, Hobby Lobby

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