Friday, November 22, 2013


Someone very dear to me is going to be a grandmother very soon and I did this blank album to give to her.  Very simple find an album that you like and is appropriate for the sex if you know the sex and if not a generic one.  All I did was to add her monogram because I could, as I know her name, measured the photo that came with the album to make sure that my print out would be the correct size and then added a ribbon, done, ready to wrap.

The album is not the reason for the post, the reason for the album is not for photos, the album is for birthday letters from the child's grandmother.

When I first became a grandmother a little over 14 years ago, I lived in California and one son lived in Missouri and the other in Wyoming - not exactly a set-up for getting close with Grammie (that's me).  Trying to do things that are the ties that bind I wrote a letter (and put in an album) to my first grand-baby on the day he was born, telling him what his birth meant to me and welcoming him to the family.  Each year since then I have written him a letter (I just wrote number 15 as he turned 14 and with his real birthday letter that is 15).  I did not realize when I started doing this just how great this would turn out to be and not until I looked at another grandchild's album that had several letters did I realize that what these letters become is a chronicle of their lives through the eyes of Grammie and long after Grammie is gone the letters and all the love contained within will remain.

Since that first boy I have been lucky enough to have four more grandchildren, three boys and our little feisty girl (also adorable & smart like the other four).  I write letters on their birthday to each of them.  It is truly a labor of love.

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  1. Love this! Do your grandkids know you have been writing them or will they see the letters at some point in the future? I write one each Christmas to our son...I've only done this for the past five years or so. He hasn't seen them yet. :)

  2. No, they know all about them in fact Ryan's letter was late because of my computer crash and he inquired about his letter - I write them on the computer and then sign them myself. One of the reasons that I do this is because I also add some photos from the year with the letter. Love that you are doing letters to Blake at Christmas, it will be the same for these Christmas letters at some point you will be gone but your love in those letters can be read and felt over and over my dear goddaughter.