Monday, November 25, 2013

Guests are coming.........hmmmmm......need that check list!

1. Clean house (x)
2. Sweep sidewalk, water flowers & dust fall wreath(x)
3. Iron top sheet and pillowcases for guestroom(x)
4. Fresh towels and lots of washcloths for guest bath(x)
5. New bar of soap in the guest bath(x)
6. List of network passwords in guest room(x)
7. MP3 player that also will charge iPhone in guest room(x)
8. Nuts & Mints in guest room(x)
9. Bottled water in fridge(x)
10. Welcome gifts for guests(x)
11. Plenty of empty hangers in guest closet(x)
12. Snacks for guests(x)
13. Activities planned(x)
14. Menu's planned(x)
15. Cookies & wine cake made........yikes NO, have to stop blogging and
start baking.

Little framed message in our guest room that pretty much says how we feel about our guests! We live far away from a large percentage of friends and family and so appreciate the effort it takes to make a trip to another state and we appreciate their time, money spent and effort.  The ties that bind.

Thanks for stopping by!


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