Wednesday, November 6, 2013


A few posts back I promised I would show how the Halloween napkin rings were made so now I will show you how to do this easy project.  Firstly, let me say we are not making heirlooms here. We are making napkin rings when you cannot find what you want you can come up with your own design.  I had totally forgotten about this project until I was getting my Halloween table ready for the GG's and none of my napkin rings looked right and I tried putting the napkins in the glasses, doing the bishop's miter fold, did not like anything.  So....I went to my craft room and created these napkin rings out of some cut plastic, Washi tape and ric-rac.  I have my sister to thank for this as many, many years ago she gave me a group of six of this type of napkin ring tied with a red ribbon and they were Christmas themed. I made many more of these and sold at craft shows.  Anyway, I digress, let's get on with the goods...

 You can use any plastic or paper (as long as it is substantial, most gift wrap paper centers are not strong enough) tubing.  The long black tube is from the sporting goods store - they go into a golf bag to hold the clubs straight.  The ones on the left I have used the file on to make sure the edges are smooth so that the fabric or ribbon will have a clean edge.  The ones on the right have not been sanded.  Yes that is a Dr. Scholls file but I keep on in my craft room to use for sanding purposes.  My husband cut these with his saw the black ones were cut at 1 1/16" and the paper ones 1 2/16".  You do not have to have a saw to cut these, you can use a sharp knife but be very careful.

Next I found some scraps of nice linen and cut strips that would go around and leave an edge of half the width of the ring.  I used my pinking shears because linen will fray but if you are using fabric/or other material that will not fray, this step is not necessary.

Using your preferred glue, adhere the fabric to the cardboard or plastic.  It is VERY important that you clip the ends so that when you glue them you will get a nice sharp edge.  If you have cut them correctly they will meet in the middle on the inside and make a nice finish. So go ahead after clipping and clue the ends and you are finished and now you may or may not embellish.

Embellished this one with a simple dotted grosgrain ribbon, simply cut the length and glue onto the linen.

  Did something similiar with this one but used a fall color and then glued on a little metal maple leaf.

Here is the most simple one of all.  May Arts ribbon makes pom-pom ribbon in many different colors.  I took the red with green pom-poms and cut the cardboard just a little (just a tad) smaller than the ribbon and so all I had to do was glue the ribbon to the cardboard and that was it - all done.  I decided it would also make a cute place card with the addition of the name on a circle and being held in place by a little green clothes pin.

This is a fun craft and if you don't use hot glue kids could do for a surprise Christmas present for mommy.

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Black Tubing, Big 5 Sporting Goods, $1.49
Grosgrain Ribbon, Michaels
Circle Graphic, Etsey seller, digitalfield
Mini Clothes Pin, Hobby Lobby or online
May Arts Pom Pom Ribbon, 1 1/2" red & green, Ebay or Etsy
Linen, Hobby Lobby, fabric stores
Washi Tape, Michaels


  1. Dear Grammie Joy, I am so loving the daily inspiration to make every day a celebration with simple projects that I can easily follow. Thanks for the JOY you are sharing!
    Blessings, E

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, inspires me to want to keep on posting. Love to our Australian family.