Thursday, January 22, 2015


Inspiration sometimes is not easy to come by.  I don't know how other bloggers work but I keep an ongoing list of items and projects that I think I want to do and post.  My goal is to post three times a week and sometimes more sometimes less.  My little world got turned upside down this week with the illness of someone near and dear to me and so my Valentine's Wreath that was supposed to be done and posted yesterday is here today!
I started out with this big, white, twig wreath, nice huh?
 Gathered some things I thought might work.....
 Hey, maybe a graphic will save this......
 OK, this falls into the category of WHAT WAS I THINKING? The crafty me and shiny-sparkling stuff usually don't mix.
Finally found my comfort zone with some printed hearts from the Graphic's Fairy - coordinates with my Valentine Tree.  I took the heart graphic and made three different sizes, printed them out, cut around them and now they are ready to be laminated (even though my porch is covered by laminating them they will stay fine in any weather).
Here they are all laminated and cut our and ready to attach to the red skewers and put onto the wreath.  With a lami-label you are supposed to pull off the back for the sticky side (hence label) but I don't want these to be a label I just want them to be able to withstand moisture so I just put a dab of hot glue on the back to adhere the hearts and now I have picks for the wreath.
So we went from this to the finished product......
So here is my finished product, the hearts are a little shiny but I like them. Getting ready to decorate for Valentine's Day next week.


Wreath, Save-on-Crafts, Link
Heart graphic, The Graphic's Fairy, Link 
Bamboo skewers, grocery and specialty stores
Red Paint, Annie Sloan "Primer Red" or any other red paint
Red Polka Dot ribbon, Costco
Greenery, Hobby Lobby
Tulips, Big Lots

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  1. Why thank you Anonymous - isn't it lovely that we have a special day to celebrate LOVE? Thank you for stopping by.