Monday, January 19, 2015


It is my habit to send a package before each holiday to my adult son's and their family.  Today I made these little hearts for the fab five, our beautiful and wonderful grandchildren. What you cannot see in this photo is that there is a little pocket in the back for a gift card.

Supplies needed:
Heart Pattern, Google 
Felt, either by the yard or felt squares
Other fabric, 1/4 yard lengths cotton fabric for hearts
Fiberfill for the stuffing
Pinking shears
Sewing machine
Carpet or other heavy needle
Bone Folder or other item to help with the stuffing
Cotton Ribbon or other ribbon
Inkjet light fabric transfer
Draw program to flip the image OR use Windows Paint
Needle and thread 
E-6000 Glue if adding a pocket for gift card

1. Cut one heart and one (or if you prefer two felt or two fabric) hearts out at the same time so that they are exactly the same.

2. Cut the ribbon in 10" lengths - this is more than you need but will give you a good "tail" on each side to clip with the pinking shears.

3. Using a draw program or Microsoft Word type out your "love" words. Be sure and flip them as you will be ironing them onto the ribbon and if you don't flip the words will be backwards - normally you only do this one time!  lol.

4. Print them out on an inkjet light fabric transfer and allow to dry.

5. Using a very hot iron (NO STEAM) iron your words onto the ribbon - follow the instructions on the label but most importantly, use a hot iron, no steam, and go back and forth across the label making sure it adheres - DO NOT even think about pulling the label off until it is completely cooled or you will ruin the label and the ribbon.

6. Cut two strips (using pinking shears) from the 1/4 yard printed fabric (being 1/4 yard it is the PERFECT length so you do not have to measure).  I made one strip (for the handle) 1 1/4" and the other (for the bow) about 1".

7. Just turn the cut cloth together and stitch down and press, trip threads and you have the bow and the handle.

8. Now you can either sew the ribbon when you sew the heart or wait until later and sew it by hand.  I did both and really think it looks better by hand because you use white thread and it disappears. Personal preference.

9. Starting at the top of one side of the heart curve sew to almost the center and then add one of the strips that you have put ends together and sew them into the center of the heart.  Keep sewing until you get to about 2" before the start area. Back tack.

10. Fill the heart with fiberfill using the bone folder. Using the big needle you can "move" the fiberfill around to get a finished look.

11. Using your machine complete the stitching and the heart is closed.

12. Take the last little strip and fold it upon itself so it looks like a bow and tack to the front of the hanger.

If you want to add a gift card just cut a little pocket and glue it to the back of the heart.

 You can see on this one that I sewed the ribbon with the machine.
Next I cut a little square out of the felt and glued it (using E-6000 glue)
Here they are, ready for the mail and for local delivery. 


Font on Cotton Ribbon (free font), Freebooter Script,
Fabric, Hobby Lobby
Fiberfill, craft store
Felt, Michael's
Cotton ribbon, Ebay seller
Avery Light Fabric Transfer, Staples
Bone Folder, Martha Stewart
Specialty needles, Fabric Store
Draw Program, Corel Draw
E-6000 glue, Hobby Lobby

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