Monday, January 12, 2015


My after Christmas shopping list this year included 24" trees, with lights if possible.  On my list of items to do this year was small trees for each holiday.  This white tree did not have lights so I added a string of 50 battery operated lights. The tree is held firmly but not permanently to the mini-colander and the mini kitchen type ornaments will be used with other themes.  I will use this same tree for St. Paddy's Day, Easter and 4th of July - just changing the mini-colander when necessary and the theme decorations. With this in mind the add on items are just attached with a simple tie so easy to remove, box and label them for next time. I have just the spot in my kitchen for a tree and anytime I have a dinner party and want to serve buffet style I will have a nice centerpiece! 
As I mentioned this tree is 24" but you could use any size tree, just fluffed out the limbs a little....
Because I will change out the mini-colander for St. Pat's and Easter I do not want to put anything permanent inside to stabilize the tree so I just used a little Tacky.
Next I put on the lights and hid the battery pack in the back.
I pulled down my Valentine decorations box and found this fabric garland.  A garland like this is easy to make (I think I will have to make on for St. Paddy's Day).  Measure out a length of heavy cord or  twine and then cut strips of fabric, ribbon and felt and just tie them on the cord tying a loop on the ends.  I purchased this one (Michael's I think a couple of years ago) it is perfect for the tree.
I then added some miniature kitchen utensils and turned on the lights to see how the tree was looking....

 Added some heart ornaments....
I had this little Anna Lee in my Valentine's box and she looks precious tucked into the tree....
Of course a tree needs a topper so I moseyed over to the Graphic's Fairy (will provide a link below) and found this perfect heart and printed two of them out on white cardstock, cut them out, glued them together (to give the heart good stability) and punched a couple of holes towards the bottom and ran some red cotton cord through the holes and tied to the tree and then made two bows and tied one for the front and one for the back.
The final thing that I did was to put some red sizzle into the mini-colander to finish off the look. it is the Valentine Tree!  I can't wait to do the St. Pat's, Easter and 4th of July Tree using this same white tree just different decorations.....this was big fun.


Annalee Dolls, The small Annalee's run about $25 directly from but TJ Maxx & Marshall's always has them discounted for every holiday and then red tagged after the holiday.
Garland, Michael's (last year)
Small grater with red top, Cost Plus (.79 cents)
Mini-colander, Cost Plus ($1.98 assorted colors) 
Wide red-checked ribbon, Costco
Little red styrofoam ornaments, Michael's
Antique mini-kitchen utensils, Ebay seller, here is a link to a strainer she has on sale now:Link
Tree, TJ Maxx (after Christmas)
Battery Lights (50 light), even though the review's were mixed on these lights I took a chance and LOVE them,GBB LED 50 Super Bright Indoor and Outdoor Battery Operated Christmas Wedding Fairy String Lights on 5M/16ft Long Silver Color Ultra Thin String Wire
Heart on top, The Graphic's Fairy, Link
Love sign and plate, Marshall's (previous years)
Tacky, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, craft stores

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  1. HAPPY VALENTINES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So festive and beautiful! I do a big green on our front porch but I really am liking this white one!

  3. Marie I was looking for a green one this size after Christmas & was disappointed with the white but now I love it & will take off the Valentine & then add the St. Paddy's day items, then Easter so as it turns out it's perfect. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. So pretty! I have a year round tree in my family room, and thought about switching it out for white since I found a white one after Christmas. i got me Valentine decorations out today. Your Tacky trick is perfect. Thank you for sharing your tree. It is adorable!

  5. Thank you so much Patti - I am really looking forward to changing out the decorations for St. paddy's Day & Easter. Thank you for stopping by.