Sunday, June 29, 2014


Starts and stripes, red, white and blue, flags and sparklers, the weather is warm, the flowers are blooming, the garden is growing by the day, all those things we tend to associate with our independence day, the 4th of July. The plan was when I put a bench out front was to change the theme with the seasons.
 This is what the bench looked like before.....
Started with the burlap pillow, pulled off the "D." Then printed out a big star (just Google "free star graphic" and you will find one you like).
I just cut out the star and outlined it with painters tape.  You could just purchase a star stencil but this was so easy and worked.
I next painted the star using Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk red, using a foam stamper. I slid some cardboard under the burlap to keep the paint from going through to the other side.  I purposely used more paint in some areas than others because I wanted it to have an aged look and the "D" had showed too as it had faded into the fabric, all the better. Just let it dry (or dry with a hair dryer), pull off the tape and it's done.
Not perfect but I like the way it looks.
Next the covers for the pillows.  I used a package of (3) kitchen towels.  Depending on the size of your pillows (mine are 17") will determine the size of your fabric.  All you do is measure the pillow size and in this case the width was fine but the length needed to be added to so I cut a piece about 12" from the third towel (be sure and used the finished ends so you don't have to hem anything) and sewed right sided together to get the length I needed.
 Here is the back of the pillow - all you are doing is making an envelope for the pillow to go inside. Once you have your length fold the envelope part over then take the bottom part (right sides together) up to meet the top (you will now have the envelope part covered) and sew the side seams and that is it, done - pull it out and using a bone folder or something similar push out the corners and then insert your pillow.  This is so easy because you have finished edges on the towels so you don't even have to hem anything.
Finished product!

Ready for the 4th on the porch!


Annie Sloan paint, online and dealers, Ebay sellers too
Kitchen Towels, Hobby Lobby
Foam Stampers, Michael's

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