Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hopefully you read the last post to this blog as these little pots are place card holders that coordinate with the centerpiece shown on the previous post. 
 The small pots are perfect to use for a place card.
Using the leftovers from the centerpiece project, some glue and card stock, these little place card holders come together very fast.


Pots - I found them in a set of (6), they are approx. 3.5"
Narrow decorative tape
Florist foam (oasis)
Red raffia
Bamboo skewers
Glue gun and glue
Card stock
Leftover leaves and flowers from the centerpiece project

Simply run a strip of the narrow tape around the pot then hot glue a square of the florist foam to the bottom of each of the pots.  Make (6) little bows out of the raffia and glue one to each pot.

Create the place card itself - I did mine in Corel Draw, cut each of them out, cut off a length of the bamboo skewer and hot glue it inside the place card, insert the skewer into the florist foam (if it is wiggly add some hot glue) then glue in the leaves and the flower and you are done, fini!!! If you don't have a draw program you can do this in MS Word or just cut out the cards and using a Sharpie or wide pen write on the cards.


Size of the place card, 3.117 x 3.45, will be able to get (6) to a sheet of cardstock
Font, *Diamond Dust, Link to free download of font, Diamond 
Color used, c:0, m:100, y:100, k:0, or if this does not make sense to you just use a red that is not an orange red.
Pots, Hobby Lobby
Red raffia, craft store
Narrow tape, Dollar Tree $1
Bamboo skewers, Walmart
Glass watermelon lazy Susan, Hobby Lobby

*If you use the Diamond Dust font it is designed to look a little rustic and will not print out solid, there will be places with no ink, nothing wrong with your printer! :)

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