Monday, June 9, 2014


Just feeling the beautiful summer here in Idaho.  Having a small dinner party, just three couples and I wanted to have a summer centerpiece to inspire me to make a nice tablescape. A while ago I picked up some checkered duct tape and then a small roll of checkered tape - not knowing what I would do with them but thought they might come in handy.
 I decided to see if I could cover a terracotta or clay pot, with the duct tape and narrow tape and then use the smaller pots for place cards holders.
 This went VERY easy as the tape is forgiving - put it on crooked, no problem, pull it off an reapply.  I used the narrow tape and went around the tops of the large and the small pots and then used vertical strips for the covering on the larger pot.
I next gathered my materials:

Pot (s)
Red & cream gingham ribbon 1.5 inches - make 2 bows with wire to attach (or use long pipe cleaners instead of wire)
Red raffia
Glue gun & glue sticks
Florist foam (oasis)
Bunch of sunflowers (about 3" blooms)
Bunch of other sunflowers with other types of flowers
Decorative ceramic number
Bamboo skewers
2 Fresh Apples or faux if that is your preference

Cover the hole in the bottom of the big pot with a piece of the duct tape, cut a square of the florist foam and glue to the bottom of the pot. Next wrap the raffia around the pot - using the glue put a dab on the back and attach the raffia and continue doing that attaching the raffia on the sides and the front.  Add some hot glue to the ceramic number (or whatever  you would like to add to the front or leave plain).

Cut the flowers off of the stem and organize by size.  Starting with the sticks in the center (to give height and balance to the arrangement) add the sticks, then the flowers (if anything feels wobbly just add some hot glue), the bows and finally cut the bamboo skewers to size, insert into the apples and then push into the foam and you are done.

 Front of the centerpiece.
The back, the centerpiece is good on all sides. If you prefer, please use fresh flowers.  I just thought if I used the artificial ones that I might get more than one nights' use out of this centerpiece - especially since we are just getting started with summer.

Place card holders, next post.


Narrow tape, Dollar Tree, $1
Wide Duct tape, Big Lots ($3 for 10 yards)
Red Raffia, craft store
Red & cream ribbon, Michael's
Terracotta pot(s), Hobby Lobby
Artificial flowers, Hobby Lobby
Sticks, Homegoods
Florist Foam, Walmart
Bamboo skewers, Walmart
Ceramic number, Sorry I try and not use anything that I cannot tell you where to find the item but I just went to the website where I purchased an assortment of numbers, ceramic, metal, etc. and they no longer carry.  Try your local hobby store.
Glass watermelon lazy Susan, Hobby Lobby

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  1. WHAT CAN'T YOU DO????????????

  2. Thank you anonymous - this was fun, easy and inexpensive and when you see the final table I think you will agree. Thank you for your comment.