Friday, November 18, 2016


Busy, busy, busy - we are all busy this time of year.  Here is an easy and quick suggestion for taking a store bought pie and elevating it to something much better - to a slice of yum!
Here are the ingredients needed - the big one is a store bought pie of your choice (if you are using that ginormous one from Costco I think you might have to triple the recipe). I found a Patti LeBelle pie on sale for $1.74 to use as my test pilot. I love sweet potato pie and I am sure that Ms. LeBelle has a large following but I found this pie to be too sweet for me.
This is quite simple to do - mix a few ingredients....unless you find it "disingenuous" you might slip your pie into one of your pie pans.
All mixed together and ready to top your pie.
Because the pie is already baked it is imperative that you take foil (or one of those aluminum gadgets made for protection of pie crust) and wrap around the edges before putting into the oven.
This topping is really good and really elevates a plain pumpkin pie to something much better. Of course you could also use this recipe if you are making your pumpkin pie.


Brown  Sugar Pecan Pumpkin Pie Topping*

1/4 cup brown sugar
2 Tablespoons flour
2 Tablespoons of softened butter, cubed into little pieces
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup pecan pieces

* These ingredients are for an 8-9 inch pie - if you are purchasing or baking a larger pie, double the ingredients.


Combine all ingredients and spread over your pie - if using a prepared pie, wrap foil around the edges and bake for about 15 minutes at 325° - it may take longer - turn on your oven light and keep an eye on this - you don't want the sugar to burn.

If you are baking your own pie add the topping about 15 minutes before the pie is done.  The times are approximate depending on your oven - I would just keep a keen eye on the pie either way you choose to bake - homemade or store bought.


When we lived in Monument, Colorado we added a room on to our home and we had a wonderful contractor, Tom.  He would often sit at my kitchen counter for lunch or to take a break and watch me cook.  He started calling me "gadget" girl and at first I was perplexed but then realized he was correct, I do use a gadget or two - anything to make the job easier or better I say.

I love to make homemade fries, either great Idaho potatoes or some sweet potato fries but I like to oven bake them and have found that they are best on a Silpat mat and turn them about half way.  Then I saw this gadget and the "Gadget girl" in me said "I have to try this."  I did and I love it and wanted to share with you dear readers.

Here it is - genius I say - an oven proof mat with a zillion little pyramids to hold up your food and let the heat and air under the food - no more having to turn mid cooking. I also like to make chicken strips using Panko - crispy without the frying. Lots of other uses for this too - it can be used as a pad to set hot things on, etc.
Definitely a keeper. All you do for either of the fries is to choose smaller potatoes, slice them in half, slice the fries.  Place the potatoes in a plastic bag, add a little EVOO and shake, shake, shake, then add some sea salt and pepper and shake, shake again.  Place on your mat and bake at 450° - I start checking on them after about 12 minutes - since I choose to make the smaller fries it would be easy to over bake them.  Just pierce with a fork to check for doneness - these will be great with those leftover turkey sandwiches!

Note: If you order one of these I found that when I opened the package it had a distinct chemical odor that I did not like so I filled one side of my sink with Dawn soap and some vinegar and let it soak overnight - bad odor all gone!


My favorite new gadget, silicone mat, Link

The mat is only $8.70 and free shipping if you have Amazon Prime or as my son would say "such a deal."

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  2. Thank you Anonymous - a good way to "gussy" up a store bought pie & I love this mat! Thank you for stopping by!