Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I have had the same fall/Thanksgiving wreath for many years  and when I took it out of it's container after taking down the Halloween wreath, I realized it was looking a little shabby so I went to work on a new wreath.
The first thing I did was to gather my materials. This large 24' 
grape vine wreath was 1/2 off so $4!
In the storage boxes in the back I have fall foliage I have purchased at after fall sales, for up to 90% off - I just store in   boxes and it's there when the need arises!
This ivy and boxwood greenery is attached to a smaller wreath that came covered with moss and I use it when I want a more substantial wreath - I just attached with some pipe cleaners.
I find the best thing to do is to just start sticking in the items you want to use without using glue, wire or anything else so you can do what I call "futz" with them - move them around, find the symentry that will make you happy - I leave an area sort of bare where I want to put the bow.
Once you find the balance you like then take the wreath and hang it because a lot of the time it may look perfect on a flat surface and then terrible when you hang it. Once you are happy you can then glue, wire and make all the items stable.

Time to make the bow.  I had thought that a lighter colored ribbon would give the wreath an elegant look - boy was I wrong! In the photo above you will see that I used a greenery pipe cleaner to tie the ribbons together and then the same wired greenery is attached to the wreath.
 Some ideas not so good, yucky - must find a different ribbon.
Better???? Yes, what was I thinking?
All done - everything attached securely and ready to meet my guests at the front door! I have a friend that says "you always say everything is easy" - well all my posts are easy and this one is no exception. I timed this and from start to finish, even with the brain cramp ribbon, this took a little bit more than an hour. The most important thing is to have your materials together before you start.

I think bow making is a great skill to have in your arsenal. A year or two ago a subscriber to this blog wrote and asked me to make a tutorial and I made one on YouTube-not my forte as I remember I was having a fit of a time holding the phone and making a bow.  Anyway, when I find it I will put a link on this post.  I just looked and could not find it but I will continue to look later.

Found the video - Oh my gosh it's bad but until I make another one here is the link.  The video is showing making a bow for a package but it is the same for a wreath all you do is instead of tying onto a pkg you just put wire, or narrow ribbon, or my favorite, a soft pipe cleaner in the center to tie off the bow.
YouTube: Link 


All of the items used in the making of this wreath may be found at your local craft store, such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.

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  1. Thank you Nezzy! Picked up my little jar from Debby today! It's going tmmrw to LA😍 Thank you for stopping by!