Friday, December 11, 2015


I am often saying that a project was easy-peasy, you just need to be organized, etc. This project was not hard but a little complicated.
I found a couple of these large pillows (20") at my local Marshall's.  I loved them and did not discover until I got them home (bought two) just how very nice they are - zipper on the top and the insert is down.  I put one on my couch and the other on the matching love seat. I wanted to make matching pillows for the two chairs in the same room.  I looked at them for several days and finally figured out a way to make another pair of pillows.

The first thing I did was purchase a plaid tablecloth. Using the pillow as my guide I cut out the two covers.  Because I have made so many pillow covers I found this to be an easy way to cut these out - the plaid made great cutting guidelines.  I will include a pattern for cutting out the covers later in the post.
 Next I found a couple of snowflakes online, sized them to 8 1/2x 11 and printed them out on printer ready fabric paper.
 There are many fabric paper products available - my particular paper recommended that you print out the fabric paper and let it sit overnight before carefully removing the paper backing.
 So now you have fabric with your image transferred so how do you get this image onto your pillow without having to do intricate sewing?  You use a product like this one.  This product has removable paper on both sides of the Pellon - or fusible webbing.
Per the instructions with your product (may vary from product to product), remove the sticky side and place your fabric snowflake to this sticky side.
 Cut around the image to make the intricate cutting easier.
This is what you end up with - a snowflake.  Gently pull the backing off of the snowflake and you are ready to steam it onto the pillow.
After putting the pillow inside the cover, using a hot steam iron, place the snowflake on the pillow and go over it several times with the iron - and now you have a snowflake pillow.
This is the second pillow!  I love them and even though the pillows have a different plaid fabric they coordinate well and look great.  With the left over fabric from the tablecloth I am going to make napkins - you can never have too many Christmas napkins, right?
Pattern for pillow envelope.
Feel free to grab these snowflakes.


Pillows and tablecloth, Marshall's
Paper fabric, craft, hobby and office supply stores.Epson Iron-on Cool Peel Transfer (8.5x11 Inches, 10 Sheets) (S041153)
EZ-Steam-II,Pellon EZ Steam II 12"X9" Sheets 5/PKG-White

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  2. Thank you so much Anonymous-I was happy with the outcome which isn't always the case! You are too kind - thank you for stopping by!