Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Last Christmas I had one of those "What were you thinking moments?" I decided to go silver and sparkly and I was not happy with the outcome but you know what they say "go big or go home!"  I have some plastic bins in my garage with lot's of silver stuff to loan to othersThis year I have decided to go back to my favorite - tartan plaid, deer, woodsy wreaths and arrangements, etc.
I also need to mention a little more than a month ago I had a total knee replacement (not for the faint of heart) and so I am taking my time decorating this year and started with refreshing some wreaths.  A note about wreaths.  I love them all year round there is something so lovely about the circle of eternity and it so says welcome to me, that I have wreaths up for every season.

This is my only new wreath this year.  I found it the end of January last year at Tuesday Morning in a box on the floor and it was originally $40 and I think I paid maybe $7.  Not saying this to show I am a good shopper but pointing out that it is a good idea to pick them up when you see them at a good price.  It is hard to see in the photo - this is a really thick wreath and inside are full size pine cones and it has battery lights.  That was how I bought this wreath.  I used a Command Hanging Strip and attached to my antique mirror in the entry. I added a red wool felt bow and a tiny garland of holly and tiny pine cones.  The fuzzy deer I picked up at an antique shop and was told he was from the 50's - he is one of those plastics with fuzzy stuff on him - I'm sure there is a name for this type of toy but I just call him cute!
It has been VERY cold here in Idaho lately - most days the high below freezing.  The day I went out to decorate the front of the house was no exception and believe me I think I brushed off and wiped down this bench and then rubbed teak oil on it in record time! This is an old wreath that I made years ago and when I pulled it out of the box the red cardinal was pink!  So rather than throwing it away I did a little re-ferb! I painted the cardinal with some Christmas red acrylic paint and using the same brush touched up the faux berries everywhere the red had come off and white styrofoam was showing.  Took off the old sad bow and added a red plaid wool flannel bow. Not new but looks great gracing the bench. Once again used a Command Hanging Strip to hang the wreath.
 This is my outside wreath and is really big, I would say at least 36" and I have used this same wreath in many incarnations for several years.  Keeping with my theme of lots of deer and the same red wool flannel ribbon all I had to do is add these items and a little wood garland and it coordinates nicely with the wreath on the bench and the rest of my decorations.

Here is the ribbon and the tiny garlands - they are both from Nell Hill's in Atchison, KS. The d.Stevens ribbon (I love and have a small collection) can be hard to find as they only sell wholesale so you have to find a shop that sells.  I know that Nell Hill's ships so if you want some it might be worth a phone call. The number is:913-367-1086 - remember this is central time. The ribbon is $14.00 a roll and the little garlands are $4.00 each.

I know the ribbon is a little pricey but I am using it this year in arrangements, wreaths, etc. and it gives continuity to my decorations and ties everything together, or at least I think it does.

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  1. Beautiful! You are so talented! I tried an all "Gold" Christmas theme one year and it was lovely but I prefer traditional colors. Happy Healing!

  2. Thank you Healer for your kind words. I sure get it about the "Gold" - I learned that I do my best when I try and be the authentic me. I had seen so many beautiful silver things but you know for me it DID NOT work.

    I get better by the day - you are so sweet to send a happy healing message. j.