Monday, December 7, 2015


Keeping with my woodsy-plaid-deer theme this year I removed most of the items in the cachepot on my sideboard and recreated a new arrangement.  A neighbor admired this the other day and I said "easy peasy" and her reply was "easy for you." I promise if you just do a few simple things - this is easy, a real cost saver and you can make it yours.
 Here is the cachepot with fall items......
I removed the fall items - left some of the greenery and started adding back some picks and cones for Christmas. I think the most important thing is to have a good work surface and lay out your supplies - truth be told it takes me longer to do this than to put the arrangement together. Since I was reusing the cachepot it already had the florist foam inside.

You don't have to keep using the same pot and you could keep them but I prefer to just remake new ones, you don't have to store them or worry about them becoming dirty, etc.  I use a long, not too deep plastic container to store the picks and greenery.  I have one for fall, one for Christmas and a miscellaneous one.  I store them in the garage but this size will fit under any bed.  I save things - if I am lucky to have someone send flowers or an arrangement, if there is anything in the arrangement/flowers that I can reuse I pluck them out before discarding the dead flowers/arrangement, put them in the container so they will be easy to find when needed.
This is the chandelier over my dining table so I thought I would do something in the arrangement that was evocative of the light.
I just added a little more greenery, a couple of pieces of cut grapevine wreath, some pine-cones on wires, and of course my plaid ribbon (one of the repeating themes this year to tie it all together). A little woodsy "Merry Christmas" and I was almost done.
To balance the look I just added a couple of simple candle rings and red candles with deer. After Christmas I will take this apart and put the materials in the plastic container and it will be organized and ready for use again.


D. Stevens wool flannel ribbon, Nell Hills, The number is: 913-367-1086 - remember this is central time. The ribbon is $14.00.
Grapevine garland, Darice 1/2-Inch Twig Garland, 15-Feet
Cachepot, Antique Farmhouse 

Candle-rings, Home Goods
Candles, Marshalls

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