Monday, September 9, 2013


I like to use these little take-out cartons for all kinds of craft items because they are made for food they are perfect for cookies, candies, etc. and oh so easy to make a cute label for the top and decorate the sides. You can find these on and on Ebay.  Unless you want to purchase a boat load Ebay is probably your best bet.
Here is how this “Invitation” was made.
1.     I used Google images and found basketball scrapbooking paper image and printed it out on my ink jet printer.
2.     Probably a good idea to make a pattern for these cups, save time in the long run.  Go to Wendy’s and enjoy a large chili and then wash the carton with soap and water and gently take apart to use to draw a pattern on paper.  It is almost like making a pattern for an itty-bitty lampshade.  Once you have the pattern you can position it on the paper you printed out (or have on hand) and cut out the covering for the take-out carton.
3.     Next I glued handmade crepe fringe to the inside of the carton with a hot glue gun. I purchased this from an Etsy seller  cnash12.  She sells her fringe in small rolls and has a wide assortment of colors.
4.     The “fan” is made by just doing folds on cardstock, this particular paper is made by October Afternoon, PP-583 Wax Bottles, the stars are on the reverse of the paper.
5.     Found a cartoon image once again on Google images then found a cute picture of my grandson and cut and pasted.
6.     The “ticket” is also a graphic found on Google images.  I use Corel Draw for my draw program but any draw program will work.
7.     Cut a square or round of florist oasis and push into the cup to stabilize it so you can stick the picks in and they will stay at the correct angle.
8.     Both the cartoon image and the pennant are affixed to a wooden skewer using a hot glue gun.
9.     I normally would finish this off by putting some colored Sizzle crinkle cut paper but just could not resist putting in foil wrapped milk chocolate basketballs.
10.  Don’t forget to save the pattern for next time.
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