Wednesday, September 18, 2013


One down and four to go.  Cone contains Halloween tee, Halloween erasers, pencils and topped off with a bag of Reese's pieces!

You will need:
1. Paper mache cone (craft store)
2. Crepe paper ($ store)
3. Card stock
4. Black craft wire (craft store)
5. Garland from ($ store)
6. Garland from Etsy seller CNASH12
7. Hot Glue
8. Martha Stewart Spider (craft store)

Either use Halloween paper or do as I did make your paper.  In Corel Draw filled in with orange and then just placed random black circles in different sizes.  Two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 works perfectly with just one place where you can cut a piece to fit and glue to the cone.  Note: if you make your paper do not use hot glue, I used Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive. If you use card-stock paper you can use hot glue. Now the cone is covered (I just tucked the paper over the top and sealed it to the inside of the cone with some Halloween themed Washi tape), this step not necessary with the printer paper but the heavier card-stock may have to be taped down for a finished look.

Use hot glue to attach the garland around the top.  If not using two different types make two rows of the same garland.  The one from the $ store came with pumpkins on it and I did not like the look and pulled them off of the garland.

To make the crepe paper circle  cut a length of crepe paper fold and trim the edge with your favorite crinkle cut scissor or just leave plain.  To make the "flower" look just take a needle & thread and sew in and out in the paper and then pull the thread to gather, tie off the thread and glue the circle.  Cut a piece of card-stock and glue to the back (no hot glue with crepe paper) to make it easy to adhere to the cone. I used a scallop punch glued to the front of the crepe paper and then just printed out my grandson's name and the Trick or Treat "ribbon" cut them out and adhered to the front and then hot glued it to the cone.

Lastly I removed the yellow eyes from the Martha Stewart spider, glued a little piece of black card-stock to the back and hot glued to the bottom of the cone for a little extra spooky look!
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