Sunday, September 15, 2013


I am often asked what program do I use for graphics and the answer is always the same - Corel Draw.  I have used it for years but the original investment is quite a bit - over $400 but once you invest the upgrade is much, much less and I do not upgrade unless forced to do so.  The last time I upgraded was because the version I had was not compatible with Windows 7. There is also a home & student version which sells for around $80.  However having said all that I have been hearing about some of the "free" downloads and finally have taken the time to "beta" test one of them.  Inkscape is a free program (when I downloaded I was warned that the software mfg was not recognized but I did some research and determined that I thought it was OK to download). I downloaded, went in and created a file, imported some graphics, did some manipulation of the file and all and all think that with a little patience anyone could figure this program out if they desire to be able to use a graphics program.  It takes 33MB of space and under "Help" you will find a useful manual. If you download be sure and go to their website I won't be able to answer any questions regarding this software because I have removed it from my computer but I see there are plenty of forums out there to answer questions. I just checked and has the Corel Draw Home & Student for $51.99 - that would be my recommendation but maybe try Inkscape first.

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