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When I first saw this vintage advertising sign I just loved it but was not sure where I would use so I did not order - but then Antique Farmhouse offered it again and I succumbed and ordered! The sign is metal, good on both sides, is 19 1/2 x 9 1/2 and is a replica of a horticultural collection from the 1800's. It does not come with the stand, you can either affix the sign permanently to a wall, fence, etc. or just sit it down as it will stand alone at an angle (it has a bracket on the back with holes drilled for hanging). I made a little drawing and hubby put together a stand for me.
Here is the stand before being painted - Hubby is holding the sign into position.  I wanted the sign to have some height and this seemed to be a good solution.  It does not have to be permanent as only two screws affix the hand to the stand and are easily removed. I do not give instructions to the more complicated projects but if you are interested in how I made the stand just go to the "Contact Me" section on the right of the blog and send me an email and I will be happy to send you the complete instructions.
My goal was to make the entry look like a spring garden and I needed a wreath for the mirror. After looking at plain woodsy looking wreaths at my local Tai Pan Trading store I found what I liked but did not like the price tag.  My solution was what I call the "five minute wreath."  What you see in the picture are all the supplies you need (I did also add a bit of greenery but will tell you about that later).  I purchased a wisteria garland (five feet), you know those long pieces of greenery, I had some cherry blossom faux flowers in my stash so pulled a few of them out along with a pipe cleaner that I cut in half.
Simply draw the garland into the desired circle size and then using the pipe cleaner tie it together in two places.  I prefer pipe cleaners to wire as they are much easier on  your hands - I used the green so that it would not be seen. I next added the cherry blossoms and then after I placed the wreath on the mirror added a little greenery to the more sparse area - this would not be necessary if you were adding a bow but I wanted this to look woodsy, more natural - no bow.
Ta da....the woodsy cherry blossom wreath. This is the part where I added a little more greenery in the sparse area.  Please note that I did not use any glue, etc. and therefore it will be very easy to take apart and use the greenery for other things.  If I wanted to keep this as a permanent wreath or use it outside I would use glue to affix all the cherry blossoms and other greenery to the wreath.
The "picket fence" in the "garden" is just two lengths (they fit together) of fencing from the Dollar Tree store - no need to affix it to anything it is simply sitting on the table. Of course I had to add bunnies.
Some more bunnies and some speckled, natural looking eggs, some greenery on the sign and some flowers added to the fence.......
Even though the font on the stand is a little different I think it looks great. We used some reclaimed Idaho barn wood that Hubby put through his planer and out came this beautiful wood with tiny worm holes, etc.  I almost hated to paint over the wood.
A little Happy Easter garden complete with bunnies, eggs, greenery, flowers and a sign directing you into the garden.


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