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I love botanical prints.  One of the great things about them is that they are so versatile - the go with any decorating theme. Depending on the framing or the subject matter you can make them look Asian (use Asian botanicals, red or black lacquered frames) country, traditional, etc. You can send the files to an outside printer and have them put on different types of paper, made large, etc. I chose to print them on good quality matte photo paper and frame them in simple frames with no matte - just the glass backed with glass. There are many outside places that will print for  you for example Staples will allow you to submit your PDF files from their website or take them to the store on a USB flash drive.  The cost of an 11 x 17 print on cardstock paper in color is $2.38 per copy and if you want to print on cardstock in black and white it will be .42¢ per copy. Staples is just one of many vendors who will do this for you. Or - you can do them yourself as I did but unless you have a special printer the largest size you will be able to create will be 8 1/2 x 11.
The first thing to do is to find your prints and this is actually quite easy.  The Graphic's Fairy has a good selection but the best place is the Peter H. Raven Library of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I entered the site through Curbly but I will put a direct link to the library in the resource section.  If you just Google "Free Botanical Prints" you will find lots of sources and also see a book called Instant Wall Art. The book is reasonable but I loved looking at the different prints and I chose prints that had meaning to me - orange, lemon, English walnut and pine.  I did not chose them because of color but because of what they have meant to me in my life. I started by printing out my first print on this Kodak Matte paper - I always keep it around because I love the way the color comes out - amazing.  You could also print these out on linen or canvas paper. Another and more varied source for art that is in the public domain is a site called Vintage Printable.  This site has lots of images that are legal for you to use.  Remember to make sure that any image that  you use is not copyrighted.
I set my printer on the matte paper setting and best print and was amazed at the quality of the printing.  It looks so much better in person.

I bought simple frames and removed the backs and the points that hold the back in with needle nose pliers (see the first photo) then used glazing points to keep the glass in the frame. These frames are around $10 and when I bought mine they were on sale half-off.
After printing  the botanicals I set them on the floor and set one on the top of the frame to see if I liked the look before going forward.
Before framing the edge needs to be removed.  No matter how you set the printer to print to the edges you will always have some part of an unprinted edge.  Either carefully cut the edge with scissors our preferably use a cutter like this to trim the edge.  The cutters are inexpensive and perfect for a job like this.
The best way to finish off the prints is to have another piece of glass cut and place the print in place and glue the back piece of glass.  If you do not want to do this than you could use a clear adhesive dot - this is just one brand they are readily available at any craft store or you can make your own using Aleene's Tack-It over and over glue.
This is the wall where the botanical prints are to be placed.
Left side....
Right side....
Finished - well maybe.  The angle of the photo is a little deceiving as the prints look more in scale than the photo shows.  I have decided to live with them for awhile and I may decide to send some files to Staples and frame larger prints or maybe will just leave them as is....time will tell. I also need to decide if I want to go to the expense of non-glare glass as this area of my house gets lots of sunlight. As I say, time will tell.

This is an easy and inexpensive way to bring some nature into your home.  Simple frames, fussy frames, matted, not matted, prints that fill the frame, your call, your house. These also make a great gift.


Graphic's Fairy, Botanicals,
Peter H. Raven Library,
Vintage Printable,
Paper cutter,
Glazing points, 
Kodak Matte Photo Paper,
Canvas paper for inkjet printers,
Aleene's Tack-It over and over glue,
Frames, Hobby Lobby

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