Monday, August 24, 2015


If you follow this blog you will know that I LOVE Annie Sloan chalk paint and waxes.  They are WONDERFUL, easy to use and you are guaranteed a great end product every time - or at least that is my experience.  The downside is that Annie Sloan can be hard to find and it is expensive.
I was very excited when not only Home Depot but hobby stores started carrying Americana Decor paint and waxes and was eager to try them as they are a fraction of the cost of the Annie Sloan products and at the hobby stores if they are not on sale you can usually find a coupon.  I tried the paint previously and found it to be OK but had not tried the wax.
 Since I had a very simple project to do I thought it would be a good time to try the wax and to also try Webster's Chalk Paint Powder. This candlestick is part of a set of five from Frontgate and I tend to paint them whatever color I happen to need at the time.

Since this was a small project decided to try the sample of Websters that was given to me at Enchanting Objects.  Very easy to use - purchase any color you like of flat latex paint, then add the powder and mix well and voila you have chalk paint.  The sample makes one cup - way more than enough to do several candlesticks or a small project.  I chose a Paris white.  The chalk paint was lovely, went on like a dream, dried quickly and I do not hesitate to recommend this product - the best thing is that you just go to your local paint store and pick out the color you want, add the chalk powder and your are ready to paint.  For me that is big because there is only one vendor in Idaho that sells Annie Sloan and it is in Bonner's Ferry - the opposite end of the state from where I live - many hours away so I always have to pay shipping for my paint and products.
 If you have never used the waxes before the purpose of the wax is to not only (in the case of the dark wax) give your project an antique look but it gives a lovely finish to your product.  Had this been a wooden item I would have first put on a clear wax, then rub with a cotton cloth, let it dry for an hour or so and then add the dark wax.  Because this is some type of a composite I just did the dark wax.  The red candlestick had been painted and waxed with the Annie Sloan products and it was easy, fast and I think looked great. I was very disappointed with this product - it was not easy to work with and I do not like the way it looks and this is after I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until my arms hurt just trying to make it look OK.  I have another project coming up where I am using Annie Sloan dark wax and when I do I will try and salvage this candlestick - if that does not work I will paint it again and wax with Annie Sloan.  There may be a place for this product but it is not something I will use again.

I did set the candlestick with two others in front of my fireplace - the lighting is not great there so it looks OK but I know what it looks like so will try and fix.  When I do I will post a photo of the candlestick after I wax it again.


Webster's Chalk Paint Powder, Link
If you live in the Boise area Webster's Chalk Paint Powder is available at Enchanting Objects on State Street along with the waxes they use.

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  1. Awesome! So beautiful! Next time you come home to Tulare. We have a big vendor of Annie Sloan here! :-)

  2. It's a date for sure! Thank you for your kind words. Luv, j.

  3. This is one fantastic HANDY WOMAN!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and thank you for stopping by Anonymous. j.