Thursday, March 12, 2015


I promise....last St. Pat's post, really! When decorating for St. Patrick's Day on my entry table I could not find the little mouse candle glasses that I made last year and then I remembered giving them to a friend.  So I took my own advice!
 When I use any kind of specialty paper like waterslide decal paper (other kinds like the 81/2 by 11 label, fabric for ink jet, etc)  if the project does not fill the sheet then I will make every attempt to do something with the space.  I put these items in a folder for future use.  When I made these last year I had put some extra mice on the sheet and so there they were ready to use on these cute little inexpensive, footed glasses from Walmart.  When using waterslide decals if you do not put the clear coat on them you can save them for another time but if you have put the clear coat on them you must use immediately.  
 The next step is to spray with a clear coat, let it completely dry and you are ready to put into water and add the image to your project.  Be sure and follow the instructions on your water slide paper as instructions may vary from product to product.
 Another quick spray of clear coat and we are done!
Previous to using one of these at Valentine's Day I will admit that I did not like these and thought them to be a tad bit garish.  I think they are for a table decoration and to attach helium balloons to as a gift. But I used a heart in my entry and liked it so thought I would do the same with the shamrock.
The hardest part of this craft is cutting the tough wire to remove the little stand - I always say one of a crafters best tools is a good set of needle nose pliersAfter a little huffing and puffing I went to hubby's garage and pulled out the big guns....the tin snips!  I just attached the ribbon and then using 3M foam, two sided, sticky tape attached to the mirror.

A shamrock for the mirror and I did not have to disturb the mirror one bit. It is an antique mirror and I had been hanging a wreath on it with a ribbon but decided it was best to not disturb the mirror all the time.
The wooden Celtic cross is simply covered with plaid I printed out on a large 81/2 x 11 label.  I found a plaid I liked and then scanned the top of the cross and used that as a guide to cut out the top and the rest was just easy shape to cut out and stick to the wood.

Waste not want not, new candle holder from a year old waterslide decal!


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