Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I did not intend to post today but changed my mind.  We were up early and had an appointment in Nampa, ID to pick up tomatoes that I will be canning today (Friday's blog post, simple French way to can tomatoes).  We had tomatoes from the garden but not enough for eating and canning.
Lovely wall of sunflowers on your way into the garden....
 The Jenkin's Clan Produce is in what I call a "farm island" the city has grown around them - you drive up and it looks like a normal city home but drive down the side drive and you will find a Shangralia-La of  vegetable gardens, plus other surprises.  There was no one in view but I found what I would refer to as the quintessential farm garden sign, you know what I mean like, "Honk," "Please put your money in the can," "In the barn," and in this case "I'm out in the beans." I had spoken to Elaine (the owner) on the phone yesterday so I hollered "Elaine!" (had no clue where the beans were).  This is Pete in the photo - your guide dog.  As soon as I yelled, up he came to me, would not let me pet him, turned around and started walking, stopped after a few feet, turned around again and looked at me as if to say "dummy, follow me." We went on like that until voila, I was at the bean patch.
Elaine's sweet daughter was in the beans and we walked back to the house to get my beautiful tomatoes - I had requested that the tomatoes not be too big as I can whole tomatoes. Aren't these just beautiful?
Passed by these lovely girls on my in and out and just had to stop and take a photo while they were having a veggie snack.
With our tomatoes safely in the car we headed home but needed to make one more stop closer to home for fresh corn for our fish-fry tomorrow night.
 So cute, makes me want to find an old broken down trailer.
 Have a seat and enjoy the summer......
 So many good things to chose from....
 Talk about a healthy, refreshing drink.....

Don't we all love a Radio Flyer???
Wagner Farms is near our home and so stinking cute and the products so good that I just wanted to share some photos.

Unless you live in a big city like New York or LA, with a little effort you can find farm stands - NOT those places that call them selves farm stands but sell the same products that the stores sell - things that have been picked early so that they will ship well - I understand this as I was raised on a farm in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley in California. If you don't know of anyplace look on Craig's List - that is where I found Elaine and my tomatoes. 

The corn from Wagner Farms was picked TODAY and the leftover corn from yesterday has a sign "Yesterday's Corn" with a reduced price - just the freshest!

Now go find a farm stand and eat some fresh, fresh, veggies and fruits.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are local, construction has been going on on Chinden for quite a while making it very difficult to get into Wagner Farms Barn (construction is better now) so if you go for their wonderful fruits and veggies and the best corn this side of Sloughhouse, California (those of you in Sacramento will get this) please give them an extra $1 - they would never ask for that but it is a nice gesture because I just know they have lost so much business because of the ongoing construction.

Thank you for stopping by.


The Jenkins Clan, Nampa, Idaho 208-465-5236, http://producebythejenkinsclan.com/

Wagner Farms, Chinden & Ten Mile, 208-888-6161, http://wagnerfarms.weebly.com/




  2. I actually found two farms - one near me that we have been to before and the first one where I purchased tomatoes for canning today was in Nampa, ID and was a good find for sure. Thank you so much for your comment and interest in my blog. j.