Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My happy happenstance is this - when I printed out the beautiful rooster graphic (from The Graphic's Fairy) for Monday's post (wreath with a piece of artwork incorporated inside) my first print was too big, not in scale with the wreath. I also printed using the "best" print on my printer and it looked beautiful,  but not the rustic look I was going for, however, when I saw how lovely it was I knew the image would not go to waste.
This is a photograph of Grille du Coq, the Elysee Palace's back entrance, the gardens are behind this gate. Elysee Palace is the French Republic's version of the White House. The Gallic Rooster is the symbol of France.  It is incorporated into fabric, decorating objects, kitchen items, on the jerseys of the national soccer team, etc. So I think a framed, canvas print of a rooster would go well with any country decor especially country French.
Shopping at a local craft store I spied this cute frame with chicken wire instead of glass - on sale too, $6.00.
Real chicken wire, out in the elements, will oxidize to a dark charcoal color and crafters like to use black chalk paint to mimic this but I did not want to put anything on the wire that would detract from the print so I used some Annie Sloan paint(Coco) and just painted the wire, let it dry, then dabbed areas that were still showing shiny with a little more of the paint.
Next came the frame and I used Annie Sloan Emperor's Red (one of my favorite colors). This is such a beautiful color clear wax over the wood would protect the project, but I wanted it to have a more rustic (country) look so I used the dark wax, one coat of each and when the frame was dry I went over it with a soft cloth.
I remembered that I had these little fleur de lis push pins so I just snipped off the back and glued on the top of the frame for a little embellishment - but first, I put some dark wax on it to take away the shine.
Some cardboard in back of the print, then a few glazier points to hold all in place and finally Kraft paper glued to the back to finish.  It is sitting in a rustic plate/picture holder. NOTE: Please note that I would normally glue the image printed on cotton canvas for ink jets to a piece of foam board before framing but this frame would not accommodate the thickness of the foam board that I had so I just backed the print with some cardboard and it worked because this is not a normal frame but if you are using a normal frame please glue the image to foam board to give it stability.

This is an auction donation for the upcoming Alzheimer's Idaho golf tournament.  I'm safe because if the item is an auction dud then it will become the door prize at the August support group meeting, win-win.
 Moseyed over to The Graphics Fairy and found a frame and rooster that I liked.  Using Corel Draw created a label for Le Coq.
Cut out a piece of foam board and wired the feet of the frame to give this stability, wrapped with cellophane, added a ribbon and the tag and ready to be donated.


Rooster Graphic, The Graphic's Fairy, Link
Rooster on tag, The Graphic's Fairy, Link
French Frame on tag, The Graphic's Fairy, Link
Information on Golf Tournament, Tele: 208-914-4719, Fax: 208-939-6380, Email:
Frame, Craft Warehouse
Fleur de lis push pins, Marshall's
Rustic plate/picture stand, Hobby Lobby
Gingham ribbon, Michael's
Cellophane, craft stores and online (good Ebay sellers)
Off white cardstock, Michael's
Font used on the print and on the tag, Embassy BT 
Canvas paper for ink jet, Royal Artist's Canvas, Pack of 5 (28942)
Annie Sloan paints and waxes at specialty shops and online

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  2. You are too kind Anonymous, you know I do have Google at my disposal. Thank you for stopping by. j.

  3. This is such a great idea!! I now need to try this. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am going to put a note on the blog post as I need to mention that I would normally glue the graphic onto form board before framing but I did not have thin foam board so I skipped this step as this unique frame would not hold the normal width foam board. I think that it looked okay but if you are going to do this process and frame in a normal frame you would want to glue the canvas to foam board as I did when I originally printed out this graphic for the wreath as noted on the post previous to this one. I so appreciate your comment and let me know how your project works. Email me a photo of your finished project. j.

  4. You did a wonderful job of making this look important. Your use of frame with chicken wire, haven't ever seen frame like that anywhere, was so perfect to accentuate the chicken. It almost looks as tho you printed out the chicken on fabric. Love how the colors are so vivid. How generous of you to donate such a perfect item for charity. You are very good at using computer, beautiful tag.
    I have chickens in my kitchen and 5 real ones outside in our enclosure. Have used chickens in kitchen decorating scheme for long time, I just vary them now and then so the look doesn't get stale. Love colors associated with chickens. Have several different kinds of chicken decorations so can rotate when I get an urge. Have to take them down off top of kitchen cupboards to clean often. Some I have in other spots in kitchen, try not to get cluttered with too much. Now I will have to make this chicken art. Go digging in my frames for right one, get some chicken wire out to use on project. Your chicken are is wonderful inspiration. Happy weekend

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this post, so appreciated. The image was printed out on cotton canvas which I prefer to the gloss art canvas - both are made for ink jet printers. I love chickens too (real and art ones). The little frame is unique and if you decide you would rather have one of these (instead of making your own which I am sure would be great) I would be more than happy to get one for you at my craft store. I am not sure if they are still on sale but they are originally $9.99. Send me an email if you want me to get one for you, with your name and address and I will mail one to you in a padded envelope and you can send me a check for the frame and the postage. It is so frustrating as a crafter to see something you want to use and not be able to find that item! Send the message to Thank you for stopping by. j.